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? about recovery from colorectal surgery

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my dad recently had surgery (2 weeks ago). He had part of his colon removed and also part of the rectum. This was his 2nd colon surgery to remove tumors. the 1st was in 2005. my question is this...everytime he urinates- he also poops some. the dr said this was normal but i've just never heard of this happening before and haven't been able to find any written info either. please respond asap. nerves are shot!! thanks!

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That happened to me for awhile. I think it's okay!


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There is swelling after surgery. When the pressure builds up, or is released, things tend to get a bit interconnected. I imagine once the swelling goes away, so will the mingling of body functions. It took six months for all of my swelling to go away and for my functions to become independent. He may just have to pee sitting down for a while.

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Any time your colon goes under attack (like surgery)it messes up the peristolic (sp?) action and it takes a while for things to get back to usual. Please don't worry. It will right itself.

Many hugs, Vicki

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Being of the 'sit down on the toilet' persuasion, I never thought about it....

All that was said here makes complete sense...yeah, I think I do remember that happening...Had to do with the push urge...I had my total rectum removed, and a J-pouch proceedure to make a new rectum out of descending colon...and a total hyster...so I had alot going on....

Hugs, Kathi

tiny one
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Could it be incontinence? Hopefully this will only last for a short time. There is swelling after surgery, it takes a while for things to heal and settle down. Hope this will resolve soon.

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