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post surgery

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hi Betty,
In the 11/22 post you mentioned pending/possible side effects after surgery (heart?)that are experienced at about 30 days post surgery, also an ACORE list? Would you enlighten me on what these are? My surgery is in December and I'd like to be prepared for everything I can. I don't want my family to be concerned about unexpected
events if I can be prepared in advance.

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Betty in Vegas
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the bigger cancer centers--who see a lot of this, which as I recall, you are right? What happened what Layne's heart went into arithmias--beating too fast and erratically. It was just once or twice --blips on the first night, which I think was 2 days after surgery, then the next night, it went crazy. A blip, then normal, two blips then normal...then three...then the fourth one did not STOP. In came the nurses with an ekg cart and meds.

They told me it is NORMAL. Not to worry. The heart does not like to have a stomach up by it and to be rubbed up against in surgery. It becomes accustomed to it, but needs meds just to keep it calm while it adjusts. Layne takes a tsp of meds twice a day--and it works lovely. They put it in by iv in the hospital.

I was like TERRIFIED but then one of the guys from ACOR wrote and said "Oh yes, a LOT of us had that, and it will go away. It is really not a worry if they catch it and get you medicated."

So if it happens, tell the family just to alert the nurses, and they will put you on medication to handle it. If I would have KNOWN--just like if you KNOW that you have to get them up and walk so they don't get pneumonia, then you don't worry! So it is good, just to know. Not everyone has it, but if you do, they shouldn't think you are going to leave them. It happens a lot, and it is easily handled.

It's good to know what is "normal"...since the whole operation is so well, OUT THERE. I mean, it's replumbing! If you have more questions, feel free to email me through our carepage!

I will be praying for you...tell your family to let us know how you are :) Hugs.

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Hi Betty,
Thanks for your response. Your right I'll be at a major cancer hospital for the surgery and the first week or two of recovery. 10 more days til surgery.

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