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New clinical trials for advanced PCa just announced

William Parkinson
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I thought that those of you who have the most advanded stage of prostate cancer, those with bone metastasis might be interested to see this announcement. The great thing about this trial, is that you would receive the very best theraputic options alkready know, while having a 66% of also getting this new agent of Radium-223 too. Here are the particulars:
International prostate cancer expert Dr. Oliver Sartor of Tulane Cancer Center is the first oncologist in the United States to offer patients an experimental new treatment for late-stage prostate cancer through a multi-center clinical trial that is currently recruiting patients at 100 sites across 20 countries worldwide.

The Cancer Center is seeking patients with advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the bones to take part in a phase III randomized clinical trial for Alpharadin (pronounced "Alpha-raydin"), an injectable treatment based on the radioactive substance Radium-223, an alpha-particle emitting pharmaceutical. All participants will receive the best available standard therapy and are randomized so that two-thirds of the subjects receive Alpharadin in addition. The other third of subjects will receive placebo along with the standard of care therapy. Early clinical trials of Alpharadin have suggested that it is well tolerated and that it might prolong survival for men whose prostate cancer is no longer responding to hormone therapy and has spread to the bones.

"Alpharadin appears to work by targeting and destroying cancer cells in the bone while sparing healthy bone marrow tissue," said Sartor, Piltz Professor of Cancer Research in the Departments of Medicine and Urology at Tulane University School of Medicine. "If successful in clinical trials, this compound could make a significant difference for the large number of men whose cancer has spread to the bones. Patients most often die as a consequence of the metastases not the primary cancer so preventing cancer from spreading and controlling cancer that has spread is a major clinical challenge."

I hope this helps someone.

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Thanks for keeping us abreast of medical advancements in the battle against PCa.
We all are going to die of something...but it doesn't have to be cancer.

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