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post cath incontinence blood in urine

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hi guys returned from having the catheter removed and on to the pads now feeling pretty good about my prognosis after talking with the doc this am went for a short walk with my wife this afternoon then noticed some blood with the leakage into the pad have also noticed that i can feel when i have to go but still dribbling i know its the first few hours after cathether removal would appreciate others who care to chime in on how there experience went thanks eldon

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Hi, Eldon53. Congratulations on returning to your own plumbing! I too had bloody dribble, and used pads for about 2 weeks--one would hold me for 24 hours. Now I'm dry unless I wait too long to urinate, in which case I get spritzed when I do haul it out for action. Persevere! John

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I had blood come out when I urinated for a week to ten days after the cath was removed. The amount of blood was very small - a few drops and a couple small clots. After that no more.

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