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1st chemo tomorrow

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I think I am all ready for my first Chemo. Took my pills this morning. Bought supplies for side effects. Went to the grocery store and got things to eat that are more on the light side. Have my clothes laid out with a big shirt that buttons down the front. Packed a bag with things to do and my prayer shawl. Can't think of anything else?

I have been told for my first chemo I will be seated by the nurse's station so that they can watch me. Told them I feel like I am back in grade school... spent a lot of time sitting by the teachers desk! They promise if I behave I can then sit with the others. A good friend laughed when I told her this and she said I will be spending a lot of time sitting by the nurses desk! Just because I got us kicked out of Bingo once! Actually I have gotten asked to leave a few other functions. People can be such stuffed shirts! LOL

Everyone have a great thanksgiving, you are in my prayers and thoughts.

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Vicki, I loved your story. Sounds like you've got exactly what it takes to get through this. Try to behave though because it is fun to sit with the other "students" too. Good luck on a non-eventful chemo.

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That was funny about the nurse's station. In 1st grade I was always being sent to the "library table". It sat in the middle of the room and the talkers and disrupters were sent there. It had 6 little chairs and by the end of the day it was often full and we would sit there and talk and distrupt until we were sent into the hall or the cloakroom. I think it was a teacher student thing because I never had troubles past that year. When my daughter was in kindergarten she came home and told me that she was now sitting in the play area at a little table. I went in and talked with her teacher because I was worried that she was misbehaving. The teacher told me no, she was sitting there because they got a new student and they were waiting for an additional desk and Denise was the only one she could trust not to start playing just because she was in the play area. Yes, I raised a goody two shoes. But she did have her moments.
Glad you are so prepared for this. I think any part of our treatments go more smoothly when we have some control. We can't plan for everything but it's nice to take charge of what we can. Prayers that all goes smoothly and you join the rest of the class soon.

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The infusion center nurses at the O'Reilly Center are tops. They are great at what they do, and they never forget for a minute that they're not "doing a job," but taking care of fellow human beings who are fighting for their health and even their lives.

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Good luck on your first day of chemo! You be a good girl and do what they tell you so you can sit with the other kids!!! LOL Loved the story. One year ago on the 21st of November I had my first chemo. It hit me around dinner time what the date was. Made me think how I never thought this would ever end, I had the lumpectomy, the port put in, and then the chemo. I had mine in my doctor's office, in a big soft heated recliner with about 50 movies to choose from. Then the radiation. It seemed so insurmountable - how could this happen to me? The tears, the resolve, the determination - and before I knew it - it was June and everything that could be done was done. I pray for you it goes that fast. It seems our times are paralelling to the year. You too have a great thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. I'll keep you in my prayers!
Hugs - Pat

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Had my first chemo to day nov23,09 and everything went fine, i was so happy it went that way family and friends have been calling me all day to see how things went and i think that is grate lets you know how much people care. hope you first is a good one, one thing i did do was take some jello and water and made it though with out any problems.they used my port for the fist time didnt feel a thing..lol..good luck..

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Vicki, looks like you're totally pumped and prepared for your chemo. Also looks like you're in control and making the best of your situation. We'll find out how sweetvicki you are if you have to sit at the nurses station every treatment! Lots of hugs and love to you. Keeping you in my prayers and don't forget to let us know how it goes.
Shortscake, glad it went well for you too. Both of you take care of yourselves.

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The staff is sooooooo good I know everything will go well for you. The infusion really wasnt too much of a problem for me...just make sure you drink lots and lots.

Hang in there

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