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da Vinci 2 months out. 6 o'clock leaks

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My da Vinci was September 24. I'll be 62 next month. I am down to one pad. I seem to do fine over night and most of the day until around 5 or 6 in the evening and start to leak some.

On my six week check up my doctor asked me how I was doing and I told him I was down to 3 or 4 a day. He said I should try the bio feedback they offer. Also that it might not be covered by insurance. I decided to really concentrate on staying dry. I got it down to one pad, with the 6 o'clock leak.

It seems like I have hit a plateau. Does this happen to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong?


Tom D Orlando

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Hey Tom,

I also had this experience @4 months. It does get better. My brother(60 years old) also had similar experiences. Again, over time this improves. Treatment is Kegel excercises.
Sure wish my impotency would improve.

Good Luck with recovery,

shubbysr (jim)

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Same here on the ED problem. Have you seen this?
Shocking treatment helps erectile dysfunction


If the link doesn't work, just google Shocking treatment helps erectile dysfunction


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Dear Friend,

Try this!
1. Follow your doctors advice on squeezing your system, do this regular during the day.
2. Go to the bathroom regular about every few hour or so.
3. During Urination Try to stop your flow.
4. Sit down on the toilet and work your stomach mussels like if you are having a bowl movement, this forces any urine out of your bladder.
5. After you feel you have a fairly good control over your bladder (this depends on the individual so be patent) try going without the pad during the day only, put your pad on at bedtime until your pad at night is Completely Dry.
6. Beware of things that make you dribble, like coughing, sneezing, passing gas and other things that puts pressure on you system. If you need to pass gas go to the bathroom and sit!
This has worked for me, and I had complete control is lest than a month.

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Hopes this helps

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Dear JLM, I was told during bio feedback to never do kegels while setting on the toilet. Really bad. I hope to get through this with alot of work on my part. I was injured during RP and had a cathether in for four and a half months. I have a ways to go but I am making good progess. I will be 65 on my next birthday. I am also an old jar head. I hope you know what that means. A marine. I was in damn good shape before my injury and I am working hard to get back to where I was before this happened to me. I'm a pretty tough old goat and a little hard work never hurt anyone. Semper Fi

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