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snomminj - how are you???

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i just noticed that john (snomminj ) hasn't posted in a while?

how are you doing john?
and any news on the new testing your were having done?

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This new treatment isn't effecting me at all and I've been putting in 18 hour days trying to make some money. I can't get the abraxane covered through insurance, so I need cash. I've been doing pretty well. I'm starting a new company, It's a concept i've been bouncing around in my head for a while. I plan on using FLIR and ultrasound technology to predict mechanical failures in manufacturing equipment. I've been signing up companies. Most companies have yearly budgets for maintenance so I've been trying to get companies to allot some money in next years budgets. Things are tight but my services can save huge amounts of money in company down time and repair bills, I can also save them a nice percentage on their utility bills by identifying inefficient circuits and machinery.
I've also been working on my own version of a transmission and receiving head for my RF transmitter. Getting the desired energy from the radio transmitter without using too much power is difficult. The key is directing the waves evenly, accurately, and efficiently through the tissue. Luckily, I have a a friend with a machine shop and I've been doing all the work myself. The hard part is coming up with the copper. You can buy bulk copper but getting it in really big solid pieces is expensive. I found a guy in asheville with an induction furnace and he's been making some pieces for me. It's very time consuming.
I've also been selling some property that I've accumulated over the last few years. Most of it is land I bought off ebay for cheap. I did get an offer last week on a small lot I have in Mt. Pleasant. Seven or eight years ago I paid $610.00 plus paid back taxes of around $200, I've also paid about $500 in taxes since. I was offered $34,000.00 for it. I countered with $36,000. That would certainly be helpful since $36,000 is exactly 10 treatments worth of abraxane. Don't get me wrong, I'll take 34 but It never hurts to ask, plus I've got the guy on the hook. He's already purchased the property on both sides of my lot, and I told him the reason why I wanted the 36.
He's paying cash and hopefully we can close in a week or two.
My wife used to always get on me about staying up late and bargain shopping for "worthless property", that worthless property has come in handy the last 2 years. I highly recommend to anyone, buy those quarter and half acre lots nobody wants. You will eventually find someone who does or you can at least borrow a little against them.

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You and my Dad would get along great. He is a retired specialized Electronics Engineer.

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Just wanted to let you know that your initiatives sound great, although I don't know what FLIR is.

Like me, it sounds like you enjoy your job enormously.

Continued success on the abraxane.


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I haven't started abraxane yet, I was just turned down by my insurance company last week. I'm currently on xeloda and avastin. I think I'll start oxaliplatin back in a treatment or two. FLIR, foward looking infrared. it's basically a digital camera that reads temperature gradients and turns those temperature gradients into a picture.

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My husband is an electrical engineer-aviation. He talks about suff like this so it almost makes sense! I am going to show him your post about your business.

Best wishes

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wow, well you really are an inspiration, with all that on the go!
i think you should also blow your own trumpet to your wife about how resourceful you are with your property deals!
its almost as if someone knew you would need that exact amount of money in the future for this exact reason!

it sux that you can't just be given the drugs you need to try, and that you have to come up with a way to pay for it your self, but i certainly hope that you see major results from it once you start using it! at least you are resourceful and are able to make the most of all the leads you have found...

i was very interested in reading about that genetic testing you have had done on the cancer cells..it will be very exciting to see where that goes in future development for cancer treatment!

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You are quite the entrepreneur. Your technology sounds like something all manufacturing companies could use that do not have that technology in house. Good luck with your new venture. And the property, wow!
I can't wait to hear how the abraxane goes. I wonder if you could contact the pharmaceutical company and see if the will provide it free, seeing that it could be a new revenue stream for them if it works for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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