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could this be from chemo

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Hello everyone, I have had my knee pop out of place three times now, I had to turn my knee to get it back in place. This is the worst pain. This was not a problem before, I have never had a knee problem. Has this happened to anyone else? I don't even know if they can do anything for me since I am on chemo. Let me know if you have any suggestions.Patti

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Nana b
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but, you never know. I have been off chemo for about 6 weeks, and my body is coming alive and has so many aches and pains going through out it, popping up here ad there, that I attribute it all to chemo.

It does sound painful! Wish you a resolution.

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Thanks Nana, hopefullly I will get more responses. Patti

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Hi Patti,

I've never had the issue of knee going popping out of place, but I've had plenty issues with joint pain in numerous locations. I attribute this to chemo. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and I was tested for it twice & both times it's come back "normal". So the rheumatologist told me I don't have arthritis, even though the xrays did show some "likely degenerative bone disease, aka "arthritis". As soon as he heard I have cancer, he blamed everything on the chemo. Myself, I believe I probably already had some issues there not related to the chemo, but the chemo has made it all worse. I have pain in my left foot toe joints, left heel, my left knee hurts all the time, and my lower spine. I've had an MRI to check for bone mets & that came back normal- just some "likely degenerative bone disease".
What to do? Well, arthritis meds would be too much to take along with chemo, but accupuncture is something worth looking into. I do believe it has helped me. I haven't had any accupuncture in over a month now just because the office where I get it for free is kind of far and it just seems to never work out timewise for me. BUT, I do want to go back because it really did work! Each time, the effects would seem to last about a week and a half. I only had one session that it didn't seem to help- all the others really did. It was weird though- each time the pain got worse that same day until bedtime, but then when I woke up the next a.m., it was sooo much better.

You take care-

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miniscus. Ask your doctor or see a sports medicine dr. It is easily repaired but that is one of the symptoms.

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