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The China Study by Dr. Campbell

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While the whole book is quite study driven, there are parts that one might find very revealing and interesting in the fight against cancer. He attempts to support reasons why breast cancer is nearly non existent in regions of China and goes on to mention things a person can do the keep cancer at bay. Highly acclaimed. Try the library to find it for free rather than purchasing.

Here's the thing. On the whole I found it potentially informative, as in it gave me things to consider and do further research on, but I didn't feel he fully supported his position at times. It has been highly criticized and highly acclaimed, probably both are true. So why am I recommending it?? Strictly because it does offer new ideas on cancer which you can research further and possibly apply to your goal of surviving this blasted thing.

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Every time when I red recomended web pages for cancer patient, my self estime went down. I have to read something positive and that I always find on the alternative medicine webs.

From the beggining its not cancer for me just bad flu and it will go away and so far it is. My radio/onco doctor don`t need to see me anymore so it will be only my GP from now on. Because he is our friend it will be at the party time not in his office.

This is Canada, so patient here don`t see 15 different doctors for one appointment. First I was mad, later I was glad. It is very stresfull to go to these cancer centres and see sick people and know that we are part of that. I am glad that I don`t have to go there anymore and I will not, even if it come back. they have nothing to offer. I will rather died then compromised my IS with chemo.

It`s little scary that I have 1 CT scan and 1 MRI over the period of 19 months and in states it is almost like 19 scans over one month? Are they doing that with you girls to keep cash flow or they are so caring doctors? If you google "follow up after endometrial cancer" there is canadian study how they find reccurence, mostly from our sympoms not from tests.

So if it is come back, it is still fasting available for me, called surgery without the knife. After that back to my last year strict diet only raw food.

Love you all

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I don't remember what kind of cancer you have. Are you saying that you think of your cancer as the flu???

I wouldn't want to think that our American health care system is all for the money. What would doctors recommend to their own wives and children? Hopefully what we are being recommended. While I do have faith in alternative medicine, I am unprepared to ignore Western medicine totally.

Mary Ann

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Good Morning, Culka,

I know some of the studies can be bad, some are good, especially in regard to chemo. Not sure how accurate they are anymore, what with the recent recurrences.

What I recommended wasn't something on the web, it was a book. This particular book is all about the theory that it is what one eats that effects how cancer is treated by or even occurs in the body. It's all about what other cultures, mainly China, eat and their cancer rates, which are way lower than ours, and why the results suggest that a different diet could lower and get rid of cancer. Even if you just read those chapters that you feel are relevant, it's quite hopeful as far as a person being able to lead their recovery and avoid some cancers.

I like your outspokenness. I am sometimes confused, but always intrigued by what you have to say. Did you say that if your cancer returns, you would use fasting???? That's a very interesting idea. While Dr. Campbell, the author of the China Study, doesn't mention fasting, he does recommend exceedingly low protein and fat intake. He especially cautions against any form of milk, as it tends to protect cancer cells from the immune system and maybe chemo...
I say maybe because, when I read, I pay great attention to what is being said and think about the validity of it. Then, I make a determination and write down what I have or have not decided to do according to what I've just read and the other reading I've done that supports or contradicts it. But, after I've made my decisions, with time, the supporting evidence and the exact reasons for my decision fades. So at this point, while I know what I should do, I don't always remember exactly why. i.e.-Don't eat dairy-it protects the cancer cells. Okay, I won't eat dairy. Do I remember exactly how they are protected? Nope. Having made my decision based on the facts presented at the time do I care I don't remember. Not so much. So when I read what you are eating, I am very much behind your eating habits.

So, back to the fasting. Did you try that when you were first diagnosed? I thought you mentioned something in another thread about heparin. I did read about that in the other book I love, that also supports using food as the weapon of choice against cancer. That huge book is called Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy. It is the best book I've ever found on treating cancer on a cellular level. Absolutely fascinating. Well respected. Well researched. Free on the web.

Anyway, love reading your posts. If you have time would tell me about the fasting, and anything else you think interesting.

On an entirely different subject, my daughter, Summers, talks of going to Canada all the time. She's currently writing a novel, and developing a card line, just so she can get funds needed to go to Canada. What part do you live in? And do you feel you get your health care in a reasonable time and to your satisfaction?

As always, love, hope, success in health, and never ending joy to us all,


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Thought I'd bring this back to our group in the NOW.

Any thoughts?


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Well, since you want some new thoughts, here's mine. I've never been a fan of low protein diets because they tend to be high carb--you gotta eat something, right?

I read a research paper written by a couple of Chinese researchers that has me convinced that eating a low-protein diet makes sense: ONLY for two days before & two days after getting carboplatin. Animal protein is a source of sulfur-containing amino acids. Cancer uses sulfur to detox & protect itself from platinum chemotherapy.

Other than the above, I'm not a fan of low-protein diets. I'm already at risk for osteoporosis, I don't want to increase my chances. Bones are so much more than calcium. Without healthy collagen protein, the bones become brittle even if they look dense on x-ray.

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