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Stage1, Done with Chemo H1N1?

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I know this topic has been out there already but I have some concerns. I had a rare form of ovarian cancer (germ cell tumor) Just finished Chemo. Have a great doctor. He recommended both the flu and H1N1 shot. I never recieved the flu shot before. I am going to get the flu but I'm very concerned about the H1N1.. below is some things I read about it... not sure if it out weighs the good or not.

DID YOU KNOW....????

H1N1 vaccine adverse reactions have included: Guillain-Barre (paralysis); Thrombocytopenia (spontaneous bleeding); anaphylaxis (life threatening allergic reaction); lymphadenopathy (diseased lymph nodes); convulsions; encephalomytis (brain inflammation/damage); optic neuropathy (optic nerve damage); syncope (loss of consciousness); and vasculitis (inflammatory destruction of blood vessels). http://tiny.cc/FDAliveh1n1 (package insert: nasal spray) http://tiny.cc/FDAkilledH1N1 (package insert: injected)

H1N1 vaccine ingredients include: MSG (carcinogen: H1N1 nasal spray); 25 mcg/full dose of thimerosal/mercury (neurotoxin: Sanofi Pasteur multi-dose); formaldehyde (tested carcinogen: http://tiny.cc/formaldehydecancer); hemagglutinin (glycoprotein causes red blood cells to clump and attach to respiratory tract, causing infection); gelatin (allergen); polyethylene glycol p-isoctylphenyl ether (detergent). (see package inserts above)

***H1N1 vaccines have NOT been tested for their cancer causing or mutagenic potential. (see package inserts)

H1N1 vaccines are being produced on egg cultures and cell lines, including growth on aborted fetal tissue, as well as dog and African Green monkey cells: http://tiny.cc/tenpennycelllines

H1N1 vaccines are NOT safety tested for pregnant women or nursing mothers (note: pregnant women are a priority target group): "It is not known whether these vaccines can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproductive capability. It is not known whether the H1N1 vaccine is excreted in human milk." (see package inserts)

H1N1 vaccines caused severe adverse reactions and at least 300 deaths in the 1976 U.S. mass vaccine program. Watch the 60 Minutes exposé: http://tiny.cc/60minutes287

H1N1 vaccine manufacturers are NOT liable for the vaccine injuries and deaths caused by their vaccines: http://tiny.cc/liabilityimmunity

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