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help with nutrition ideas before surgery

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Could someone refresh me on what I can possibly eat that will help me gain more weight before surgery. As I mentioned in a previous post, I now have a nasogastric tube since last Friday which I use for 11 hr feedings at night. But I have only gained 2.5 lbs. At least I have not lost anymore. The drs said I will not be in good shape for surgery unless I get more nutrition in my body. I am drinking ensure along with the feedings and also eat some ice cream and soups with soft noodles. I still cannot swallow much other than the cream of wheat and I can eat thin pancakes. When I try something thicker, I have choking and gagging spells and lose it. Yogurt and puddings don't go down either. Eggs either. If anyone has better ideas tell me. I have a visiting nurse and she has to report back to the surgeon who mentioned that he may put me on constant feedings which the 11 hrs is bad enough. I only have till 12/8 my surgery date. So if anyone has better suggestions let me know I sure would appreciate it. thanks!!

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Betty in Vegas
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powdered supplements or protein powder? Powdered egg mixed into like a pudding?

Layne did not have this problem... You can't swallow any of the things his surgeon mentioned like certain nuts. How about peanut butter shakes or something? Peanut butter if you can get it down is very high in protein and calories.

Or put peanut butter in your pancakes. My kids love those.

We'll keep you in prayer as you near surgery!

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Hi Donna,

Try making milk shakes with an envelope of Carnation Instant Breakfast added in. Al
really like the French Vanilla. You can make a shake with it in the blender and some ice cream and peanut butter and blend it has alot of calories and protien and actually tastes alot better then Boost or Ensure. You can also add you favorite kind of yogurt and ice cream and blend once you get the right consistancy you can add any thing you want.

It actually tastes very good. Give it a try.

Keep up the good work!!!

God Bless

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Donna---good luck--my dad's surgery got moved to the 8th of Dec also! It was a scheduling thing apparently. The waiting is the hardest part!

Anyway, I actually copied Mr Marshall's post to share with my mom and dad--because he is having the same eating issues. I hope you both can fatten up a bit!

Thanks Bill & Loretta!

Good luck Donna

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Hi Everyone,
I want to thank you all for your ideas, they will all get applied and also the kind thoughts and prayers. Kim you can bet I will keep your Dad in mind since we are going under the knife the very same day. It seems like so many of us are winding up with December surgery dates. Maybe the Christmas season will bring us many blessings and good healing. At least the nurses and drs should be in good moods. Thanks to everyone also for their kind thoughts and prayers and I am trying my best to remember all here in my prayers too.

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Hi Bill,
Thanks for the suggestions and I will try that blender routine, I am cooking Ron chops tomorrow. I thought I might get turned off by blenderized food but I am desperate now. Maybe Thanksgiving will get blenderized too. I did try baby food and it does not taste good except the fruits and desserts. Thanks for the prayers. I will try the mashed potatoes and gravy. I was able to eat them at first but some stuff just won't go down or pops back up. Thanks for the ideas and prayers. take care,

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