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confusion now------HELP

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I just got a email from the doctor who told me two days ago that I had a new tumor in liver, that now says that he had a special radiologist look at it and maybe it nis not a tumor and he will let me know later. He says maybe I can have surgery now? What else would light up on a PET if not a tumor?? Any ideas would be great! I am losing control , I feel soooooo confused????

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It's ok...just breathe, and not get too scared yet, this could also be a good thing, maybe it's not a malignant tumor, maybe it's benign, maybe it's just scar tissue, or cysts or something, don't get too excited till you know exactly what it is, this may not be a bad thing, they just want to check you out again to make sure they're doing the right thing, and to make sure it's cancerous, from what I understand. I will pray for you that this turn out to be just a fluke on the screen! get it checked out, and let us know after you talk to the doctor more thoroughly what's going on :)


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My healthy mother has nodules in her liver that are nothing of any concern. I've also known a few women with 'fatty liver' deposits. Another site had a guy whose scans showed a large 'bruise' on his liver.


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Many people have cyst in liver or in kidney.My husband has a cyst in his liver,but nothing to worry about it,because he may have it when he was born.The radiation oncologist told us he has a cyst in his liver too.So I guess your doctors may need further tests to find out what it really is.

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I don't know what else in the liver might light up a PET scan, but I don't see how this could help but be good news. And if it is confirmed that it is not a tumor, that's very very good news, especially if it makes surgery possible.


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This could be what you need to get that surgery. I am praying that this will put you into the catagory for liver resection.

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Hi Christy

At my last PET/CT mid-August, I had a lit 1 cm area on my liver, but all my doctors (oncologist, surgeons) were pretty sure it was where they had the surgical clamps during my liver resection. I am having another PET/CT in 2 weeks (3.5 month follow-up) to check it out again. For some reason all things that light up an a PET are not all cancerous. However I agree totally that it is incredibly nerve-wracking when there's a lit area on a PET scan.

all the best, Leslie

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Inflammation can light up a pet scan.

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Is supposed to be the "gold" standard so it sounds like GREAT news. Yahoo! Marie

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i have something on my liver that lit up on a Pet that they say might be a hemangioma after looking at it with MRI. There are several weird things that can light up and not be cancer.

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I have the same as Kathryn. They think it is hemangioma, which is a cluster of blood vessels. They do MRI's on it, say it shows up best with mri, so far no growth or changes.

As everyone is saying, could be something like this or scar or cyst, try not to panic, easy to say I know, try and stay positive.

Hoping the best news for you.


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hemangioma, benign cyst, inflammation, surgical scarring, there is 4 right there that are things on your side so be happy, it was thought of being cancer at first so you have everything to gain here, I know that the ole waiting game is nasty but the result will not change, so live your life as you normally would until something changes it, this certainly hasn't changed it, but it sure could help it....Good luck and Blessings that it is a fatty globule....and nothing more.....Buzzard

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