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hello again

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My test post seems to have been successful. Want to say bravo to you who have just finished surgery. I can't remember everyone without reading back and forth through all the posts again. I did that the other day and of course lost what I was posting. It takes me forever to edit a post to make it reader friendly! Kath I'm glad you and Al got past your "bump"
in good shape. Kitten I'm glad you let everyone know your home. I worry about them when they worry about you! I was glad to hear you persevered through another complication and hope things get easier. I think everyone here is so brave. I hope I can be brave too.
My EC surgery is scheduled for 12/7. I think I can make it through the surgery but am very
worried about post surgery complications. It's hard for me to remember the strength to survive this won't come from me, just the will to do it well.
Thanks everyone for being here. It's a big help...........kpup

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Betty in Vegas
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I hear so much about worrying about quality of life after the surgery and about complications, but everyone so far I have personally known or been in contact with has done well except one guy who had infections. By far the vast majority have done very well. Layne and I went out tonight, had hummus, steak kababs and I had pasta. We spent 4 hours at work today! (Oh we felt a bit "normal" again, that was awesome!) Today was our three week anniversary of the surgery!

So you will do awesome. Just remember, no matter if you don't FEEL like it, do the walking, do the breathing, and don't swallow till they tell you. Then you will be cutting out a lot of the complications!

So far here, all we have heard is "bumps" in the road...Al had his... that's for sure, but he is past that now and moving forward. It's forward movement...which does NOT have to be all at once. You can move forward one step at a time, one goal at a time. The first few days, just getting Layne to do his walking was HUGE. So the goal was to get him up! Now we are walking around the block!

You will do awesome. I am sure of it.


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You didn't say what kind of surgery you were having the open or the MIE, my husband had the full open surgery and he had alot of complications after surgery not so much with the surgery itself but with his lungs, you don't say how old you are my husband was only 45 and a stage 2 diagnosis. He went through Chemo first, and now just recouping from surgery, its not an easy road but he is hanging in there, for a man that worked 50 hours a week at work, and when he wasn't working worked around home, and never went to the doctor this cancer has changed not only him but his whole lifesyle. I know you can do this, and I will be glad to share posts with you, but need a little more info from you then I can post more.

Thanks and take care
Lori aka MOE

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FIRST TIME I SENT THIS IT GOT LOST. am trying again. I'm age 64, stage 3 EC,I've completed chemo/radiation and 3 surgical procedures to become eligible for surgery so far and am determined to accomplish whats put before me as long as I can. The surgery will be an Ivor Lewis procedure.
This will be 2 incisions, one from breast bone to navel and the other from the right side going around to the back toward the shoulder. They will remove one rib and spread the rest
to get full access to what they want out. Is This the Open surgery?
I just read about Caballero and Laynes surgeries. Congratulations guys!
I don't understand Caballero's two part surgeries though. Also it seems everyone has gotten a feeding tube. My surgeon says no feeding tube.
I will not eat for 7 days (or longer) until a swollow test shows no leaks. I will recieve intravenous fluid and nutrition. I guess I'll be losing weight too.
I'm very concerned about complications and quality of life issues as they affect myself and all the people I love. I see how my illness has changed things in my family's lives already.
We were all so happy surgery became an option and offered a "cure" but now everyone is worried about the potential of complications. I'm out of steam for today. Thanks for your support.
I'm glad your here. I hope this post gets through..........Kpup

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I love your screen name--maybe because My dad's name starts with "K" and all 3 of us Kids do too.

My dad will have his surgery 12/3---so I will be thinking of you on the 7th!!! I just updated his caring bridge website and here is a bit that made me think of you...

----((“Yesterday is history; tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift.
That is why it is called the present”

Dad (& KPUP), my prayer today is for your full recovery!!!

"For with God nothing will be impossible." (Luke 1:37)

Please continue to Keep my dad (& KPUP), Kenny in your prayers this week and especially during and following surgery. We have been told that this is a very challenging procedure with significant risk. Thanks again for the notes of encouragement!))-----

K PUP---Just take a deep breath---let the worry go--because you will have the same issues post op no matter what you are thinking now!--But maybe if you aren't as stressed --things might just go smoother...???

we will be here for you..

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It must in the water. KPUP this is great! Kim is right just breath for a while you have alot to digest. Al had the MIE so Lori is the expert on the open procedure.

God must be working overtime for the Holidays.
Now you have to rest and get your strength back and eat, eat and eat some more!!

God Bless

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