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Hey everyone!!!
I just wanted to let let everyone know I'm home from the hospital!! A lot to deal with,but I'm home!! Love you guys!

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Hi Cathy---I was really thinking and praying for you last night---but didn't expect you home so soon! Not complaining mind me! Mr Marshall would give me a hard time---saying that I prayed for something I should expect to see it answered ---albeit maybe not on my time frame or terms! Sometimes it is so hard to let go and trust (and learn to dance in the rain as YOU would say!) Take care---rest enjoy home & family.

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As you know I also have been thinking about how you are doing. I'm so glad your home!
No all you have to do is work on staying there. I know your trying!!! Keep up the good work and get lots and lots of rest.

God Bless,

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Hey Kitten,

I am so glad you are home, remember you are the WIND BENEATH OUR WINGS, you were the first to welcome me to this site, you were my guidance and help through Jeff's surgery, I have been so worried about you, I know Patrick is doing a great job, with you. Just know all your CSN friends pray for you nightly.

Take care of yourself and try to stay home.

We love you

Jeff and Lori

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Betty in Vegas
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I mean, is there a LAW that hospital beds HAVE to be uncomfortable so you don't want to stay? It is great to have you home, and we will keep praying.

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Well.....you made my day! Your news of being home truly lifted my spirits. Continuing to pray for you and everyone else on this site. We all need to stay strong.

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I'm so happy to hear you are home!!! I'm still praying for you!!!


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Hi Cathy,
So happy you are finally home after all you have been thru and hope you get to stay there for a long, long time. Prayers for you always and everyone here on this site. take care and enjoy your bed and home.

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Hi Kitten,
So nice to hear that you are now home. I bet you are so relieved to be out of that hospital and in your own bed and where you're more comfy. I'll be praying for you and for much healing.
Take care and God bless,

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