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Wish I could cry

Bee 1960
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Joined: Nov 2009

My husband of 46 years died after a year long battle with brain cancer in Nov 2008. I have never been able to cry much... it seems I hold it back. Now I'm wishing I could cry and can't figure out what to do. We were sweethearts since 9th grade, and he was my best friend. Wish I could have a good cry... I don't understand.
I well up when I think of him, someone speaks to me kindly, and lots of other occasions, but I never really let it all go. I remember that great scene in THE BIG CHILL when Glenn Close sat in the shower and sobbed... and that is exactly what I feel I need. God bless us everyone. Bee 1960

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My husband just passed away april 16 2009 i cry aliitle every day no big crys just little and that may be ok. Take care


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My husband passed in October and my tears never stop. They run constantly all the time and I can't stop them. Doesn't matter how much medications I take....they will never end until my soul joins his. Which I hope happens quickly.

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Hugs to you. Please take care of yourself. We want you here my friend. Take care Cindy

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I just came to this thread again and found your post, Michelle. I agree with Cindy. We do need you. I worry about you and hope you are reaching out to those close to you. Crying is not a bad thing. I had a older friend at church tell me she thought she was dealing with her husband's death well until two months after he died. Then she cried for a month straight. If you need to cry, that's ok. I don't think we should ask too much of ourselves right now. Every time I go out I seem to find new people who don't know of my husband's death and ask how he is doing. I came home totally emotionally exhausted. I never knew that grieving was such hard work. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Fay

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sometimes it takes a while to get over the shock of losing someone. i had it happen to me, and i could not cry. finally after some time, it finally felt real,and the shock wore off. i cried for a week straight.

you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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