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Anyone with leiymosarcoma?

wing and a prayer
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Hi there,
In April of 2009 I was diagnosed with high grade uterine leiymosarcoma. Anyone out there with a similar diagnosis?

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My maternal first cousin who lives in Germany has what you have. I have UPSC - papillary serous endometrial. I wonder if there is any genetic connection to these rare cancers. She was raised in Germany, me in the US. She has been battling this for a couple of years.

I wish you well. Blessings, Mary Ann

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Hi wing,

I was just diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma too. I think that there are others on the board, although the spelling is so hard that searches sometimes come up empty.

I found references that other members with leiomyosarcoma are RuthRose,Gma,selena, Reneekarin1969, and more, although some are really old.

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i was dig w/lms 8/2009. just finished chemo. below is a web site for people with lms only. Also, look under sarcoma in the "discussion boards" - there's 2 for lms


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Are u on chemo now? I was diagnosed in Nov 08. LMS Stage 4b. Went thru 6 rounds of chemo ( doxorubicin and infosamide). had A radio frequency ablation done to burn off the resistant tumour in my liver in March last year. Was put on mecgace for 8 months an put on a lot of weight. About 1 kilo a month. Oncologist had change it to femara. Lost weight but other side effects. Stiff joints and very painful hand arthritis!!!

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I just found out three days ago that I have leiomyosarcoma in my uterus. I am still trying to deal with all of the unknowns. I have a 7yr old son and I have no idea what to tell him at this point since my OB isn't able to tell me anything about the cancer. I have two oncologists lined up, appts have been made, now I am just waiting for next week to get here so I can get more info.

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No disrespect to this board but you might find more immediate information on Hystersisters -


as this board is very difficult to navigate. Having said that, if you know what to look for, its an invaluable resource. There other links out there -

http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/13242.cfm which is the link to Sloan Kettering

and http://www.leiomyosarcoma.info/steptwo.htm, this one deals in with all leimyosarcoma and has a page devoted to Uterine Leiomyosarcoma.

Whatever you read, remember every case is unique and your doctors will be the best resource.

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Hello my name is Tracy Wilson. I am here if you need any questions answered or any ideas??? I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago and I have been cancer free since. Please let me know how things are going! I can help you through this!

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Can you please tell what kind of treatments you had?

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I had pelvic radiation and internal vaginal radiation. It took and still is taking a while to get over! All is good mostly! I go to my 3 month on Friday to see how things are going!

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