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changed diet away from gluten

jillpls Member Posts: 238
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Hi, I just changed my diet to exclude all gluten products and I'm amazed that I don't have any more bloating, or very little. I've also given up most dairy products. I did this because after the folfiri regemine my intestines are just not the same anymore. I also have ascities in the abdomen as well and that may be some of the problem. Has anyone else experience bloating after surgery, radiation and chemo?? You guys are all a wonderful group to be a part of. Thank you for sharing all your stories, inspirations, and knowledge. God bless you all


  • PamPam2
    PamPam2 Member Posts: 370
    I was tested for celiac disease, which makes it difficult to digest gluten, causes heart burn, acid reflux and so on. I still have to watch eating too much bread, yeast products, causes bloating and gas. One point, if you are trying to avoid gluten, wood cooking spoons, utensils, wood serving bowls etc. will release gluten into your food!
  • hueybubba
    hueybubba Member Posts: 7
    changing diet
    I had surgery Nov 2008. Chemo and Radiation. The radiation made me lactose intolerant..no milk or cheese...and after having milk products I would get gas/bloating and diarrhea. You can try lactose free milk which is pretty good. I try to keep away from any white sauces because they tend to have milk. I may look into the gluten free option also. Also remember that some of the effects are felt up to three days after ingestion which makes it difficult to figure out what was the culprit.
  • jillpls
    jillpls Member Posts: 238
    thanks for the ideas
    I did try to stay away from the milk products for awhile but when I went back to them I didn't seem to have a problem. Gluten Yes, I really notice a problem. Maybe that's why I have to take previcid for heartburn?? Two of my kids also have heartburn when they eat dense breads such as bagels. Makes me wonder...