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Agent Orange Exposed Survivor Non Military (USO Entertainer)

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I am an American, non military(not Veteran),who was in Vietnam during Christmas 1970. I have a VA presumptive disease (cancer) connected to exposure to Agent Orange. I meet all of the requirements for disability and filing a claim - except I am not a veteran. I was under the sponsorship of the US Army while in country. I was traveling with a handshaking unit for the Christmas holidays to honor and entertain the troops.

I am looking for others with similar experience...........I want to see if there are any other survivors. Searching for help from civilians (non-military) to see if they have had any success in filing claims, etc. Or what their experiences have been.

If you have any leads, ideas or anyone that you think might help me....the help and direction would be GREATLY appreciated.

I contracted this cancer through my unknowingly being exposed to Agent Orange ---- my life changed from an act of kindness and giving to our soldiers.


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First, I do not know of any non military filing a claim for exposure to Agent Orange.

I just want to extend my appreciation for you coming overseas to entertain the troops. In fact, I was in Vietnam when you were there during the Christmas 1970. Unfortunately, I was not close enough to be able to see the show. I was in a place called Pleiku.

Please do not look at the negative side that your act of kindness changed your life. Those who are serving or have served do not want these negative thoughts as these shows boost the morale of the thousands who have seen them while serving their country in an overseas location.

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My heart was filled with warmth and appreciation for your note today.

It means the WORLD to me. Thank you for taking the time to write and send your thoughts.

I would NEVER hold the soldiers or any of the wonderful men and women I encountered during my time in Country of Christmas 1970 for the cancer or its aftermath. I was an 18 year old young girl filled with giving, the spirit of sharing at Christmas and support for our troops.

My memories are wonderful - the giving I gave was only matched by the giving I got back.

All the best..............thanks again for taking the time.


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