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Thyroid cancer spread to skull???/

lisa 28
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Joined: Oct 2009

Has anyone had thyroid cancer spread to there skull? I got a letter in the mail from my doctor and he said my cancer spread to the right side of my skull.Any suggestions on what to do.I am freaking out.I have three children.I just am scared.They want to wait until march to do more radation.I think they should do something know.

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how old are you when it was discovered? it is quite rare for it to spread to the skull especially if you are on the younger side...

lisa 28
Posts: 18
Joined: Oct 2009

I am 28.It was discovered this year in may 2009.Had partial left thyroid removal in may.Found it it was cancer.Had surgery in june for right side of thyroid removal. Had radtion in oct.Did uptake scan.Got letter in mail found cancer spread to right side of my skull.Have follicar cancer.I noticed a lump in my throat in 2002 when I was pregant.Dr said it would go away got bigger.Had test ran they said every thing was fine.Dr says I prpbably had cancer then and didn't know.Also I have a autoimmune disease hashamito. I feel like I am to young for this to happen.Do you know a good dr in ky??????

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What kind of thyroid cancer do you have? I have sporadic MTC and I have seen on the www.thyca.org site that when it metastasizes, which it does early in the disease but slowly, it starts to show up in bone (or liver and other places). MTC is a squirrelly disease, so different from other cancers. If you didnt get a full enough answer here, try the Thyca site, it's more dedicated to thyroid cancer.


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