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about psa level

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is there anyone have an idea about how much PSA should decrease after 2 months of hormontherapy : casodex 1month once daily plus lupron one shot
anyy ideaaaa plz????

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Hi Pharma,

I am getting Degarelix, not Lupron, but my PSA went from 89 to 0.3 over the course of seven months of once a month injections.

I don't have my exact numbers in front of me at the moment, but after 2 months it had dropped considerably- 89 down to around 8.

I was also receiving IMRT radiation treatments.

Degarelix isn;t so bad- but I do get swelling and feel sick for a day or so the day after the injection.

Hope this helps!


Posts: 6
Joined: Sep 2009

thanks a lot for your reply
can u tell me more about ur case? it's advanced ?? there is metastasis or no??
how many years.....thanks a lot for u and hope u ll be good and better...

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