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Hi- its been a year since losing my dad to gall bladder cancer.. He went in just for a routine GB removal and the lab report came back as cancer. Was told 6-12 months to live and that treatment would not help. My family took him to Mayo for tests and had a bile duct stent placed and was told at that time that it was stage 4 and that the liver and lymph glands were involved. To make this short--we lost him in 6 weeks!!!!!! His last week was spent in hospice and already on the other side. We (mom, 2 brothers and 2 sisters) didn't have too long to say goodbye--our world was tossed upside down so fast. Also, newcomers to cancer.
I have a question that has been in my head--has anyone heard of any correlation to cancer pain and arthritis pain???? That arthritis pain could mean cancer pain. For the past few years he was told he had arthritis-head to toe-any meds for arthritis didn't help relieve the pain. I will have to say that my dad was a down to earth guy and didn't want to make waves so he didn't say much-he just lived with the pain but his doctor didn't think about doing any tests like xrays,etc..... so could all the pain he had was really cancer pain and not arthritis??? Thank for taking time in reading this

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