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Well it has been almost 2 weeks since Jack passing, and I just dont know how to do this, and I now looking at the big picture I really should have thought more about what was going to happen to me knowing i meet Jack fall so hard and knowing he was sick now I am in a no win sitution with the family cuz i gave everything up and now they are in control and I do not do well with that, Im so worried what they are going to do I not griefing and I scared I get comments that make me feel like if I dontdo what they say Im out even to the point of Jacks dog , his sister tells me Jack would want me to have his dog, ( she wants the dog because Jack has passed and it was his dog before we moved in she wanted me to get rid of the dog or we could not move in, I am at a total lost Cheyanna is the true thing I have of Jacks that I can hold on too and love The onl choice I have is to get back to work save all I can till I can get my own place an start my life over why are they doing this

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People don't think of or understand others. They just go on with their lives. When you have lost someone like Jack who was your world, life just doesn't go on so easily. I watch other family members going on with their lives. I know that they loved my husband, but they have lives separate from them. They have jobs to go back to, families to care for, etc. They didn't live as we did with cancer and our loved ones for 24/7. That was our normal. We have to find a new normal. That is so hard. You are in a much more difficult situation than I am, so I can only imagine your pain. It sounds like you have a plan now, though. I do know what you mean about a dog. I don't know what I would do without mine. He is a lot of company. Fay

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