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Gift ideas for male undergoing radiation and chemo

being there
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I'm looking for gift ideas for a male friend who is about to undergo an agressive radiation and chemo regime simultaneously.

Being There

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I liked crossword puzzel books and word game books.

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Being there,

First---thanks for “being there” for someone!!!! They are lucky to have you!....

I had to think of ideas for my (young -70 year old) dad, whose birthday occurred right after he finished a 6 week harsh clinical trial with radiation every day and with 3 chemo agents. He sailed (literally) through 4 weeks of it. I thought he was going to drive my mom nutty because he wanted to be up doing something every minute. By the fifth week he hit the wall. He was weak, sick & blood work off. He is gradually recovering from the treatment---luckily it did it's job (& will be getting surgery), but of course it affects the whole body---not just the cancer cells.

Anyway---I don't know how well you know this fella---but every gift I initially thought of seemed so trivial---in light of a life threatening illness...so I had to search deeper---into his interests, sense of humor, his optimistic personality/outlook, etc. I ended up giving him a number of “little” gifts.

--I found a website that had t-shirts, hats, bummer stickers and such that had funny sayings on them. Some said "my oncologist is better than yours" or "Kicking cancer's Butt" (actually it was more colorful than that --and my mom likes it, but my dad’s a little embarrassed because he doesn't curse!-- smile --). But he has been a life long fan of FORDs and I happened to stumble on a baseball cap that said: “FORD Tough”. That was very meaningful to him (---even though he hates to actually WEAR hats---he’ll probably just hang it in his room or barn) because he felt so crappy after chemo-rad. treatment---it was a reminder of how TOUGH he can and wanted to be---

Obviously, this is very specific to him, but if you look inward and say a quick prayer---you’ll be able to give something to boost their spirits, makes them LAUGH,let them know you care AND that you are there with them through the long haul.

I also think gifts of SELF or HEART really are meaningful to the person with cancer ---they appreciate them more than you can know. Examples of this are---your time—sitting with them through the hard times of waiting or appointments or worry, sitting with the caregiver, helping with household chores they can’t do, communicating with others abut their status (ONLY of they want this) or just talking if they need someone to talk to...

If you know them well (and are so inclined), maybe you can organize a Spaghetti supper (or chili, bake sale, etc) to raise $$$ for their cancer treatment, lodging, etc costs.

Hugs are good too!!!....

Most of all stay positive while able to feel their fear & concerns---no easy task.....
GOOD LUCK---sorry so long—it has been a long process for me-so I can’t comment any other way!

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I am going through the same right now. A good book is a nice gift but the most important to me is having someone with me on those long days.

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i think this link may useful for you


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Someone to sit and keep him company. Someone who could sit with me and just be there. That was the best thing people did for me while I was going through it all.


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An Ipod and all the podcasts that might interest him. Go to I-tunes and listen to the "how stuff works" podcasts. It's a great distraction. "Selected Shorts" is also good.

Best of luck,

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