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I just started the maintenance dose of interferon. 18 mu, 3x/week. Here's my issue: my local cancer center pre-fills my syringes for me "under the hood". This kinda worried me, since supposedly, we can fill our own syringes using the drug supplied to us in vials from the manufacturer. So I was a little concerned/suspicious. So, having read the patient insert about interferon, I asked them which form of interferon they were using - the powdered form that needed reconstitution, or the liquid for injection? There is a difference, because the powdered form doesn't contain preservatives and must be used within 24 hours of reconstitution.

The pharmacist stated they were using the powdered, but that she reconstituted it with sterile water that contained a preservative. (IOW, they didn't use the dilutant that came with the interferon, but substituted their own.) Huh? They did WHAT?

Now, the pharmacist draws up 1 months worth of syringes at a time. How does she know the interferon is still effective at 4 weeks? Has she done studies? This "option" isn't mentioned in the interferon literature. I realize pharmacists go to school and get a degree, but are they allowed to do things such as this?

I'm very concerned, since this is my life we're talking about. Can anyone provide any insight?



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    Interferon shots
    I have been on the shots for about two months now. I opted to go to the clinic for the shots. However, I was travelling out of state for a business conference for a week and had to make arrangements to give myself shots. My pharmacy sent me a multi-use syringe. It was one syringe with a week's worth of doses already in the syringe. Each time I used it, I had to insert a new needle and dial the dosage on the syringe. I had to keep it refrigerated also. My experience has been if I have questions the best person(s) to aske are the nurses in the clinic. I have my blood checked weekly and you may also. I would suggest asking them.
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    I can not help you with your question. I can tell you I completed the Interferon Treatment 9 1/2 years ago and live a normal life today.

    It is a difficult treatment. I believe it saved my life. Keep up the fight!