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Still here

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Hey hope all is well with everyone on this network.
This cancer is a fight .
I haven't been on this site for awhile.
Some of the names are familiar .
I spend time on another site also Lung Cancer alliance Survivors Support.
There are lotsa nice people there.
We all have a story some of them make ya want to cry.
It is hard to stay positive sometime but Ya gotta try.
All of my stories about fighting this cancer are mostly side affects.
It has been almost 4 years and I still look for answers .
Funny how I surf the Net looking for answers and come up with the same old stuff after four years.
We all have different things happen to our bodies.
the one thing I was scared of was how I was going to breath after having as lung removed .
And that gave me less problems than all the other side affects.
I walk 2 miles pretty much every day.
But I have not been out of pain for almost 4 years.
I live off Vicodin an ativan .
I think chemo does damage to your cells that very from on person to the next .
Not to many oncologist will admit that but boy I was on the mend till I did chemo.
I have had every blood test and every scan they can do I have had every specialist doctor .
My Sed rate is high my crp is high But they cant find out why.
The latest is a bone biopsy haven't got the results back.
If any of ya have a high sed rate an crp is high.
Dont wait around 3 years like me for a bone biopsy . Any way stay on the docs they looked for all the obvious things like artritis and such.
God bless ya all.

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Thank you for giving people the inspiration to know that there are long time survivors out there, and that though there are always pains we go through that the outcome can still be a positive one. Yeah, you would think that after 4 years there would be some big improvments, but Lung Cancer is one of those that gets put on the back burner. Your right also that no one talks about the problems chemo can cause, But then again it has bought many people time, including myself and I would do it again,It's still one of the only games in town that help. Mine though was pallitive, but it help (though I am one of those who suffered severe side effects).
I just again want to say thank you for showing others that there is no set time limit and that years of survivorship can be acheived.

Our Prayers and Best Wishes to You and Your family,
Dan and Margi Harmon

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Great to hear from you Greg! It HAS been awhile!

Keep fighting the good fight, my friend.

Take care,


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