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I just want to thank everyone on this site for all the helpful info and encouragement over the last 5 months (seems like 5 years!). Jim from Delaware, soccerfreaks, seifken, hondo... naming is tough because i read them all and got help from all. I had tonsil cancer stage 3 and 2 lymphnodes involved. 35 Radiation and 3 Cisplaten Chemo's (the last being a lower dose because I was losing hearing). The following was written by my spouse and as you read you will realize I could not have done this without her. What a blessing she has been, organizing, encouraging, driving, praying... this disease really makes you appreciate those you love and who love you.

Mark had two scans today (PET and CT) and met with his head and neck oncologist(s), and the cancer on tonsil and in some lymph nodes is gone! We are so happy with this news-Mark says it makes the lack of saliva and hearing loss a little easier to bear today! Our daughter was with us for the appointments which started at 6:20am, and by noon, we were meeting up with her husband for a celebratory lunch! We are still shaking our heads and can't believe June 1st they found this cancer and today, it's gone. What a good report!

There was a little "wrinkle" as one of his docs said, and they noticed a spot on his pancreas that wasn't on his last scan. Doc said not to be concerned, Mark had been through a lot with the feeding tube, diet, and treatment, so get a CT scan on that area to check it out. However, we didn't let that news spoil our celebration!

Thanks again everyone and I will continue to read and try to pass on what others have given to me on this site. One scan down, today is good and tommorrow will take care of itself.



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This is the kind of news we all want to hear. I am so very happy for you and your family. My husband is done with his treatment, but doesn't have his first scan until the 1st of Jan. He is doing weel - no more tube and trying to eat quite a variety of different foods. He is not as fatigued and is even walking and working out most days of the week. Thank you for this post. It's a boost to the spirit. PK

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So glad everything is looking good....

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It's great to hear some good news. Lord knows there are enough low points in the battle against this crappy disease, so the high points are that much higher.

--Jim in Delaware

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