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Any young adults with lung cancer out there?

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I was diagnosed with Stage 3B adneocarcinoma (Specifically BAC) at age 32 and just wondering if there is anyone else out there that is my age dealing with this?

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never smoker diagnosed stage 3b adenocarcinoma on july 27th 2009 just finished chemo and getting ready to start tarceva...i would love to talk with you.

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I was dx with Adenocarcinoma stage 3b back in april 2009, just finished kemo (Carboplatin/Alimta/Avastin and started maintenance kemo with Tarceva 150mg and Avastin, doing well, living fine, no trace of tumor in lung and lymph nodes getting smaller everyday, barely to notice by tact now.
Quality of life is 100%, just be positive and don´t stop fighting, my family was there for me and I know that was a main issue for me to go through all that sad days when I was hospitalized about to die because of complications.
Now, I am back to normal and enjoy every minute I have with them.

Be positive and be there for your loved one.

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I'm a 43. y/o nurse that has never smoked and was diagnosed with stage2 adenocarcinoma. My cancer was found during a pre-op chest xray for a simple surgery. After diagnosis 1 1/2 yrs ago I have undergone the removal of the right middle lobe and had chemotherapy. All seemed to be going well but the cancer has spread to the mediatinal lymph nodes making me a stage 3a. I've finished radiation/chemotherapy and am on alimpta a maintanence chemo.
This whole experience has been very difficult and I wish that I had looked on cancer.org before today. I have been told that I'm very young for this and am saddened to see that there are some younger than myself.
Youth is on our side and I am a strong person and am giving this everything that I have to fight this. I've met some wonderful and supportive people and can really feel all the prayers

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Hello. I'm 28 years old and I was diagnosed with Stage 3B adenocarcinoma on Nov. 5th, 2009. I am waiting now on a genetic mutation test to come back to see if I have the EGFR gene mutation, there is a clinical trial which consists of pills and not the typical chemo/rad regime. I am so anxious and really feel like I need to start treatment of some kind NOW! I never knew until LI was diagnosed just how common NSCLC is in young women. I would love to stay in contact with you and become friends as we fight this together. I think we are both in the initial stages of treatment so it would be nice to have someone to talk to. TTYS - - Melissa

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Hi, my girlfriend is 29 and just diagnosed w/ lung cancer a week ago. I've been trying to be her "rock" but I've broken down a few times. I'm so scared and love her so much, I see this posting was posted in 09'. we dont know what stage or what type she has yet, we have to wait till her pneumonia goes away before we can go to U of M's cancer center. The statistics iv been reading are horrible. I was just wondering how you are doing, and if you had any words of encouragement. I'm a mess

Vincent B. =)

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hi my 38 year old husband was diagnosed with limited small cell lung cancer in august 2010 he is now considered extensive he had a reccurence in his liver. the cancer came back after only 3 months so we are absouletly devestated. he is going through a clinical trial right now and pray this will help him. this has turned our world upside down and now can not plan our future we can only take it one day at a time. we try and stay as positive as we can and do alot of praying we dont know what tommorow will bring so we focus on today. i would love to talk to anyone that is going through a similiar situation. godbless tracy

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I am 42 years old. I had Stage 1b adenocarcinoma, possibly 2b. I had another nodule in my lower lobe and I currently have a nodule in my middle lobe. If they are cancer this would upstage me.

I had a right lower lobectomy in January. I have completed 2 of 4 rounds of Cisplatin/Taxotere. I was a long time smoker and was also exposed to asbestos. My primary care found my nodule through a well woman chest xray that he decided to have since my father had passed away in May 2010 of lung cancer.

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I know this is very easy for me to say but having a recent diagnosis and right middle lobectomy in Dec of 2010 I know from where i speak...try real real hard to not look at the statistics..if you spend any time of this site at all you will see everyone's story is different even though there are similarities..wait until you get all the information which is actually the hardest part, the waiting...you say U of M, do you mean University of Michigan? I ask because I live in Michigan and actually work in Ann Arbor.
I also want to commend you for getting on this site and seeking help and support for your girlfriend..I will pray for you both.

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I'm not really qualified to comment on the youngster aspect, since I was 58 when diagnosed, but I will anyway, since I was "young in body" (swimming and biking freak, numbers in all areas that many 30-year-olds would envy).

The stats ARE horrible and a lot of us get taken down quickly, but if I can equate good physical condition with youth, I would counsel you to have some hope, because the chances are probably higher that she will be able to withstand treatment that will really help her. They told me that would be true in my case, I went into it with that attitude, and so far (one year on with clean results), it's turned out to be the case.

I know firsthand it's easier to say than to do, but stay positive!

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I am 47 - not nearly as young as you guys. The doctor referred me to a young woman in his report . “ A pleasant, unfortunate young woman.” I found it humorous. Great shape never smoked. Last year I lost a friend to multi-myeloma. She used to end all posts with cherish every moment. Attitude is everything - stay strong

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I have to agree. Attitude is everything. I think it is much better to be positive. I am 42 and everytime I complain about the side effects I am having from chemo my onc reminds me I am young and can handle it.

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I was diagnosed in April with stage 3 Non small cell lung cancer, adenocarcinoma. I received 33 treatments of radiation and 8 carbo/taxol chemo treatments. In august I was rescanned and showed NED anywhere.

After a short break I was given maintenance chemo treatment.

A few weeks ago I started to notice blurry vision and I was lightheaded. Doctor ordered an MRI and they found 3 tumors up there. I started brain radiation and will get 10 treatments and then the gamma knife.

This week I had a PT and CT of my chest and they came back as abnormal. I have a consult on Monday morning and we will go from there.

Talking to someone in a similar age range with me has been hard to fine, I am glad I found this thread although it seems to me a few years old.

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