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post radiation side effects

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Hey Everyone! im six months post radiation treatment for tongue cancer and still have a little "bronze" color on my face and some slight swelling in my cheeks. when will this disappear? thank you.

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I'm not familiar with the 'bronze' effect, but I am certain that radiation therapy can cause permanent scarring, as I am an apparent recipient of such, and this may be the cause of your swelling.

In any case, you should still be seeing your ENT on a three-month basis to have a fun little tool I call NostrilDamus passed through your nose down into your mouth and ultimately your throat. With this, he should be able to determine whether the swelling is a result of rad scarring or some other cause. Be sure to ask the next time you see him/her.

Take care,


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thanks for the info joe

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How are you doing in terms of fatigue. Are you feeling cold when no one around you does. These and swelling of your face, esp. under the eyes, are signs of hypothyroidism. I just started meds for that and am feeling much better now.

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I finshed my chemo treatments and radiation exposures (35) mid June2009.

I have swelling under my chin, worse in the mornings it seems. No thyroid problems at the moment though, at least not showing up in the blood labs.

I do go in and have my nostrils and throat violated every three months though....always such a treat to see which nostril is the lucky recipiant of the day.


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JG, do you ever get "the mirror"? My guy ha s a little articulated mirror like a dentist uses and will grab my tongue with a piece of gauze and pull it out far enough to stick the mirror into the back of my throat to see "around the corner". Sometimes I get gagging and my eyes start bulging out and watering and I think I'd just rather have the scope. Also, he will reach his stubby little fingers back and try to feel the tumor which really is bad. He then tells me he won't torture me anymore "this visit". I'm only about a month out but was wondering about the swelling in my face and jowls. I also have tenderness in my neck and upper shoulders. Do you have any of that at 5 months? It also seems as though my throat is actually getting more tender instead of less. I think I had less discomfort in my throat and with swallowing a couple of weeks ago than I do now that I've been eating everything in sight. I was thinking I was pushing a little too hard and making my throat sore myself. Any insight? Thanks.


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