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Doctors are out of ideas - NHL Websites/Promising Treatments???

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I’m trying to help my aunt find information on promising NHL diffuse large b-cell treatments. She is 69 years young with NHL stage IV cancer (now in her bone marrow) and she was not able to salvage stem cells (her brother was too old for the procedure). A few of the treatments she has tried include: SGN-40, Gemcitabine-based regimens, NRC/PCR, DP Paste, Bendamustine. Her doctor indicated the way they learn about the treatments is through journals/published papers…but I would think there would have to be other sources?? I’m wondering are websites that any of you have found to be helpful in finding research results and/or any new promising treatments that you’ve heard of that might help them out? Any leads are definitely appreciated. Thanks, Cindy

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Hi Cindy,

I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, you've picked a good place to start for information. Are you in the U.S.? Have you tried the Lymphoma Research Foundation? I'm sure they will be able to direct your aunt. If you like, I have provided a link to their website about a new drug, copy and paste it into your browser. I don't know if it's still in trial phase, but it's some hope. Please be aggressive in your search and don't give up!! Take Care and Best of Luck to you and your Aunt!


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Thanks Cat! Appreciate the encouragement/site…I had not run across this study but certainly looks like something to investigate further!

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