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Hello I am trying to figure out what a comment on my MRI means, I have been diagnosed with tonsil cancer, and had the MRI for head and neck cancer, but this comment bothers me. I know it means I may have a brain tumor also, but my GP could not explain to me if it was a second primary cancer or if my cancer has metastisized. I was just diagnosed with tonsil cancer on Nov.2nd and am going in for a quadroscopy and biopsy on the 27th. I have had no surgeries as yet and no treatment.This day surgery will say the myprimary is or isn't the primary.Also I do have multiple enlarged lymph glands on the right side of head and neck.

Here is the comment that bothers me, if you could help me figure it out i would appreciate it

" there is a small mass-like area of density noted along the posterior aspect of the posterior horn of the right lateral ventricle measuring 7 mm in maximal diameter. This does nort enhance, but may represent a small epenymoma."

I am hoping its just a shadow or glitch in the MRI,would that be possible?
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    please don't wonder any
    please don't wonder any longer. call your neurologist and ask for a call back. have a list ready with your concerns and he should be able to give you the best answers. call first thing on monday and insist.