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Added family Pics on Expression page

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Hi All,

I was motivated by Brooks post to figure out how to get pics on the expressions page. It was easy. So...... meet our family if you like. We are now on our expressions page.


Fight for my love
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Thank you,Kathleen,you have beautiful family.

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nice family. Where is that, Hawaii?(must be if you say "Aloha" (I'm not a traveller),,,,Steve

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Such a cute family, and y'all look like you're so close. And what a lovely setting!


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Lovely family you have there! May the Lord bless you as you go through this time.

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Love the pics, and how beautiful the settings are, wow, you have a beautiful family, and Hawaii seems so lovely, I'd love to go there, you all look like you're having fun! Keep enjoying life!


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Thanks for introducing your beautiful family Kathleen. Hawaii is beautiful too!

Have a great day!

Rob; in Vancouver

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I loved the Pic's. I'm packing now as I write. I'm on my way!! Can we fish from that boat? Warm sun on a warm beach undar a Palm tree. That's the life for me! Got any beer? LOL

Just kidding... I loved the pic's!!4e

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Yes! Fishing from the boat is good. I like to send Dick out telling him to bring home dinner. We've caught 4 foot mahi, 27 lb Ono (Wahoo), yellow fin tuna and shark (we let the shark go). It's best as sashimi right off the boat or cooked on the barbie that night. Cold beers are in the frig outside at the tiki bar. Hope you like Pacifico. :)
Hope to see ya!


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Nice looking family and Hawaii looks like the place to be, weather is sucking big time today here in Indiana

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