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More than a little dazed and confused, not to mention scared!

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About 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with vulvar cancer ending in a radical vulvectomy. I haven't been able to keep up with all my check ups due to financial hardship, but just recently I have found 4 lumps in my pelvic area and a 5th one in my groin between my thigh and pelvis. I'm stunned into not moving, has anyone ever had this? Could it have reoccurred?

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I just read your posting, what did you find out? Did it reoccur? Its scarry to find something different and then waiting for the results. I really hope your ok.

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How are you doing? I only just noticed your posting from 2009. It can be pretty lonely. I hope you got answers and are now recovered.

I was dx in March 2012 and finished treatment in June 2012. Now dealing with side effects of radiation but getting through it slowly. Now in hyperbaric oxygen treatment to help heal soft tissue necrosis. All will be ok. 

Love, love and laugh.



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Any updates? what was your first symptims of vulvar cancer? Ive dealing with swollen glands in the pubic area and huge abscesses and lumps on the vulva for 2 years! My doctor has been treating the abscesses just as Abscesse! I haven't been in over a year due to no health insurance. I constantly have the swollen glands and and atleast 4-5 lumps on the vulva constantly Not including the one between my bbetween my exit area and my vagibal opening. Idk what to do as this point. I've been on very strong antibiotics along with crams and other meds last year a few times but it didn't help. She wouldbt do any further testing because she said I'm too young to have vulvar cancer. Mind you this was over a year and a half ago. I do sitz baths daily and have different potions I use ,like witch hazel, tea tree, apple cider vinegar and the list goes on. If it's just absecees why wouldn't they go away by now. Any help or related cases please comment!

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wow, I would demand a biopsy! 4 doctors told me not to worry and my fast growing tumor was cancer, I now have 2 more areas that need surgery...all very scary. I hope you get this checked by a real DR. If your lymp nodes are swollen that is not a good sign.

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