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Kim's dad will be getting surgery 12/3!

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God is Good---all of the time.

I hope I am not reapeating myself---but here is some info...
My dad is getting surgery 12/3/09. His surgeon at Duke said they are going to try to do it all laproscopically, but I could tell he was leaving the door open (pardon the pun) to the open approach if necessary. I think this may be because of an old lung surgery???and /or a questionable lymph node near his liver on initial tests. This area was totally “clean” after the chemo-rad treatment. He said it would last 4-6 hours.

The Dr cautions that it is a very complicated surgery "just about the most complicated one we do here except for heart surgery!" Dad would be in the hospital for about 10 days. He would have a feeding tube in for a month, but may be able to take liquids in a week or two and then gradually try other foods.
It seems that the only thing that would postpone surgery, is if Dad gets sick or gets an infection. Pray that he stays well and the pain he's having with swallowing will improve as he awaits surgery and continues recovering from the aggressive chemo-radiation.

My dad was a little surprised that he would have to be checked frequently for recurrence indefinitely – he naively-optimistically thought surgery was the last hurdle. I hate that he has to go through this. He is so full of life, everyone is surprised he has cancer—especially esophageal cancer! When he seemed a little down, I told him about our CSN buddy Mr. Bill Marshall and how it’s been 6+ years and he’s still around! HW was also surprised at the difference in eating that would occur after surgery. I have shared this info a little at a time with them, but I think they are overwhelmed.

I may need to contact some you for more info as we go along (seriously).

(not so seriously)----as far as the BIG girl panties----I don’t mind lace---but don’t want those kind that DON'T have “coverage in the back”---if you know what I mean!!! Haha... I am actually seeing the possibility that my dad can BEAT this thing! I am trying to ignore statistics (my scientific brain) and trust in the Lord above and accept his plan for all of us. I love that I can help my parents out when they need it.

thanks to al on this site.

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Hey KIm

Thats great now keep him away from all public places so he doesn't get any bugs and you on your way! Its nice to hear the good news. You will need you BGPs and remember your Dad is not as statistic. That was the firs thing our Dr. told us when this all started. He just happen to be a person who has Cancer. That was one of the reasons why we stayed with him, along with the fact that he is one of the best in Pittsburgh!

It will be here before you know it!!! Keep the faith and soon you will be on the same side as the rest of us whos loved ones have had there surgery and are winning this Battle with
this horrible disease.

God Bless

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I want to say I am so happy your dad is headed for surgery, when you didn't think there was ever hope, Him being in the hospital is no biggy, Jeff was in from July 23, through August 11, so just be prepared, the doctor always tells you the worst as he did us, but know things could change, the open surgery is not bad, it just takes a little longer to recoup, I don't know if you read all my posts but remember Jeff had 14 tubes, ventilator, and didn't know if he was going to make it due to his lung infection they just didn't want to cooperate but he never gave up, remember if your dad is druged up, he won't be able to see you but always always talk to him I did Jeff and thats why he is still here, they can hear everything you say, I always said "I LOVE YOU" and come on you can do this, and the kids and grandkids need you we have a grandson and he is Papa's apple of his eye thats what kept him going through all this.

Your Dad will probably have a NG tube which is draining his stomach, its not pretty but he has to have it, then about a week after his surgery they will take him to xray and do a swallowing test on him and if he passes with no leaks in his new pipes then he will advanced to water and juice, then on to soft foods.

My advise to you is don't let him go out in public until surgery as he could pick up anything and then not be able to have surgery, we did that and even after surgery we don't go to many places, also if he eats out alot be very very careful as you don't know how the food is cooked is what our chemo counselor told us, so we don't eat out often.

Kim, you and your mom is going to have to have alot of patince as you will see a different side of your DAD, a dad you know wouldn't do some of the things he will be doing, he will be irratable, mad cause he cant eat, sore, etc etc.

As for your BIG GIRL PANTIES, i have made sure yours have coverings on the back, but sounds like you are going to need a couple of pair due to the fact you have a long process ahead of you.

I know your dad will pull through this, and knowing how private he is, he has to realize that he is not the only person out there with this disease we call CANCER< and you will see this as he goes along.

I know you live a ways from them, but I am hoping that you will be able to be there for the surgery and the care to follow, the way I look at things, you can replace alot of things but you can NEVER REPLACE YOUR FATHER, MOTHER, SIBLINGS, CHILDREN, etc. so with that being said is my husband sorry he had the surgery NO, is the recovery hard YES, but its worth it you just have to walk the road until the next bump comes along.

I will keep you in my prayers, and have DAD eat a good thanksgiving meal cause Christmas he might not be able too.

Keep in touch and the BGP will arrive shortly from FAITH FEDERAL EXPRESS>

Love and hugs
Lori aka MOE

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I'm so glad to hear that your dad has a surgery date set. My hubby and I will find out Thursday if he can have surgery or not. I have a feeling he will be having surgery too because he can swallow now, unlike before chemo/radiation.
Try and keep your dad home and out of the public so that there's no chance of him getting sick before surgery. Or, if he does need to go out, have him wear a surgical mask. I know that sounds weird and all, but it is better to be safe :)

Lots of thoughts and prayers heading your way. Hang in there! ~Shelly

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Sounds like you might be heading to surgery and I will need to send you a pair of the BIG GIRL PANTIES TOO!!!! I know if he can swallow now but couldn't before he will get the surgery, thats the way my husband was too, it was unreal. I know you can hardly wait for the news so be sure and let us know. If I can help on anything please let me know, I think so far I am the only one that has had the open surgery (well hubby did) not me, so I will be praying and let me know if you think you might need the BGP soon.

Love and Hugs
Lori aka MOE

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Thank you! I think I do need those BIG GIRL PANTIES AS WELL! ;) I will keep everyone updated when we find out the news on Thursday. Tomorrow, he is getting the ultra-sound scope done and will probably re-staged then.
Thanks for being here for me. I will probably have some questions for you and everyone when the time comes for the surgery.
Thanks again,
Love, Shelly

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Betty in Vegas
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I am so glad to hear he will be getting his surgery. I know that the Lord is doing great work there...and I will keep him in prayer. Please update as you can.

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Hi Kim,
So happy for you, will keep praying and like everyone said keep him away from public places so he stays well. It is looking great for your Dad and hope his surgery goes smoothly and he won't even mind those checkups!!! prayers always,

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I'm so happy for you!! The news is fantastic!!! I'll pray he stays healthy and all goes well. It's so exciting and scary at the same time. So many prayers have been answered on this site!!! I know your dad will do great!!


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