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Pancreatic cancer new diagnosis

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Could someone out there give me some good advice please? My husband is 67, has hep C (from a blood transfusion)is diabetic and the most wonderful man in the world. He has just been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic adenomacarcinoma . The tumor is wrapped around the hepatic artery and celiac trunk. Our first appt with the oncologist is Monday. I have cried until I am sick over everything read and researched so far. Please someone send me some hope or a good survival story. He has survived bladder cancer and a head on hit and run by a drunk......My heart is broken.

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HI lindancer, I do not have Pancreatic cancer I have breast Cancer. I have a friend diagnosed with Pancreatic.I came to this site looking for information like you, so that I might help my friend. She to could not have the whipple because her tumor is also wrapped around the artery. She is going through radiation right now and then will have to do chemo. I wish I could help you more with your pain. I wish you the best.

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