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5 weeks after surgery; having constipation and painful gas - any suggestions

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5 weeks after surgery, today having constipation and painful gas. I have been drinking a lot of water but no luck. I have been miserable. Don't think I can take anything like a stool softener or gas pill so have any suggestions? This has happened before - I assume its due to some meals I've had - last night swiss steak and mashed potatoes - well a little anyway; then blueberry cheesecake. Had 1/2 a bagel and cream cheese - so assume maybe the combination. I have only been able to go to the bathroom a little bowel movement here and there throughout the day. Need to get through this - keep up my strength as I start chemo next week!

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Have you talked to your Onc or surgeon? I don't see why you couldn't use a stool softener but check with them. I've been told that it was OK after surgery. Also, you have top watch the diet, it can't be helping things.
Good luck

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I took milk of mag daily for a long long time after surgery. Started it in the hospital. My colorectal surgeon is the one who told me to take it. Also used Senna (got at Walgreens)- the oncology nurses are the ones who told me about that one, "all of our colon cancer patients take it".
I do think you want to stay away from bulky fiber like metamucil, but think most colon doctors would recommend something to soften the stool and get it moving.

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Gas pills don't help once it's gotten to the intestines/ colon.

You shoudn't be eating red meats. Contraindicated for colon cancer. Also, not sure how much colon you had removed or if you're having chemo.... but many people cannot tolerate pepper after surgery. I've not been able to eat black pepper ever.

For the constipation, Raisin Bran works wonders for me. I love raisins and keep a cannister of them by my computer. I'll have a handful when I feel like I want something to snack on or something sweet. Just don't overdo it at first or you'll have MORE gas. :o)

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you're not having a fecal backup, which almost killed me a few months ago as fecal matter was just building up in my body(I think I took some sonograms to find out)....Steve

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Nana b
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Ducolax makes you go, use them and witing 12 hours I go........and child suppositories, really work for pressure relief within minutes. I would take a Ducolax every other weekend just to keep me clean.

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as you will find out your new normal.some of us take pills to go and others take pills to stop going.i have only been at this a year and still cant figure it out....Godbless...johnnybegood

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But, I read ALOT of cheese stuff in what you are eating. Now, at risk of being thrown off my balcony by my Dutch beau, I will say I have trouble when I eat too much cheese. Painful gas, and, wait for it...constipation!

I usually try to eat raisins, or apples (without the skin..that is BIG TIME roughage and will CAUSE gas), and drink apple or apple/cranberry juice. Oh, and if you like persimmons, they are the perfect fruit for this...natural laxative, and high in carbs...mmmmm....

But I agree, call your onc...I took a stool softener with my onc's ok.

Hugs, Kathi

Ps...some of this, sadly, is just solved with 'a tincture of time'. Hang in there, dearheart!

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