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My mother having cancer

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My mother had breast cancer 7 years ago and that was very hard to go through. Then 2 years ago they found out that she has multiple myeloma, she was in stage 4. Her body at that time was doing good with the medication then her body rejected it. Luckyly her counts where up and she could have the stem cell transplant. In Feb she did the stem cell transplant an barely made it also the chemo messed up her brain, she has no short term memory anymore. Going through this was very hard for us. Then things were looking up and her counts where going up and everything was looking good for her. After 7 months of the stem cell transplant,it came back. Now she has decided not to do anymore treatment, which is hard for my dad and I but we support her choice. Now they say she has about 4-10 months to live,but she is declining quickly. My mother is only 58 which is too young to die. My mother and my father are celebrating their 38 years of marrage on Nov 21st. This is hard for me to deal with. My mother is my best friend and my mother. We have been through 2 cancers together and I will be there till the end. This is so hard, I feel mad,sad,crying,yelling, and ask God why my mom. I hope this group can help me through this.

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Hand it over to God. I have been where you are not long ago; the crying, denial, anger you name it but then I came to realize it wasn't helping the situation. I then started doing some research and getting info from the survivors thats how I came across this network. I found valuable info. and inspiring stories. there's hope and MM can be controlled. Don't get scared and discouraged by the medical report she's given just hand it over to God. Pray for devine intervation. As i told my mom the ultimate healing comes from God. Stay strong and keep the faith. PRAY!

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hi sorry to hear about your mom and i feel for you. my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma last December 2008. it was also a very difficult time for us. but still we never gave up and kept fighting with my mom. i have also felt all what you've felt all the asking,sadness,mad and never ending cry.. until now I still cant accept it. But all we have is prayers. It kept me strong and my mother. I realized that my mom need us to be strong for her. Even if it was hard... By the end of January my mother will be starting her new chemo treatment, velcade, we are all praying and hoping this one will help her.

All we can do is pray and be there for our moms.Im sure they are more hurting than us. because they are mothers.

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I'm so sorry to hear what you have been going through. I just found out last month my dad has MM so we are just in the beginning of this scary journey. I feel a lot of the same things you mentioned...worry and anger mostly right now. I'm sorry I don't have any advice...but I just want you to know I'm thinking of you and you aren't alone...

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