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Sonny and Lynn are home and moving forward

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My friends and brothers, we are home from the hospital. Just arrived at 11:30pm, Friday evening.

Lynn was actually released about 1pm, but they wanted to run one more test. A complete MRI scan of her entire spine. Because of equipment failures and ER emergencies they didn't start until 8:30pm. They are doing a complete work-up and staging of her cancer as they begin to treat the primary issue.

While we are a little tired, we are both in tremendous spirits. And you folks have had no small part in that. Your support has been tremendous. And we appreciate it deeply.

Lynn and I both have appointments Tuesday. She and I will meet with her RAD Oncologist at 1pm and then she and I will meet with mine at 2:30pm.

We have been told preliminarily that she and I should be able to schedule our radiation treatments at the same times each day. She will go for 10 treatments and I am not sure of my number as of yet. By starting them on the same day we will cut the number of trips we have to make, hopefully.

We are really doing fine. You really need to know and believe in that. We are a strong couple, that has been made only stronger by first her cancer and now mine.

While her treatments are a little more delicate, I guess. The news is somewhat better than we first received in the ER. The dr. admittedly was not experienced with MM and told her she has a mass on the brain stem. In reality what she has is a MM lesion in the bone at the top of the spine next to where the brain stem begins. The lesion inside the bone is the cancer beginning to eat at the bone. As it does this the activity causes the bone to swell somewhat and bulge. This bulging is what is putting pressure on the nearby ocular nerves. The RO is a Neurology specialist and is quite confident that the lesion can be radiated (killed) without causing any other damage.

Most of you are a lot more knowledgeable about the IMRT that I will go through, so there is no need for me to go into detail about that. I will of course post about my journey, so that others that follow may find information they are looking for.

I realize that once again this post is not so much about PCa, so to some of you I beg your indulgence. I felt that the outpouring of support that was given to us by you deserved a detailed follow-up.

So thank you my friends. Thank you for your blessings and you own individual way of showing your support.

Sonny and Lynn

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Sonny and Lynn,
Glad you are both at home for the weekend. Now set back and relax for a few days while you can. Know that we are here for you as you both need support going forward. Always just an email, a post or phone call away.


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Yep it's good to be home and it's even better now that we have a plan in place for the next steps.

Not sure, but I have been told that this may be a first where the husband and wife are taking radiation treatments at the same time. At least it is for this facility.

The only down side is that with mine taking 7-8 weeks, I'll be starting in 2009 and finishing in 2010. Kind of puts the whoa on any plans to travel for the holidays. Then again that may not be all bad. We can just sit around and let the families drop by if they want to say hello. Even my college senior son has talked about using some of his time at home during the holiday breaks to drive us back and forth. Of course he did add, "If you guys need it".

Hope all is continuing to go well for you and your family.


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Here's hoping great things for you both,

Cheers mate

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Hey Sonny,
I've been thinking and praying for you and am glad to hear you have worked it out to "share" your journey in a very unique way with Lynn! I'm sure you prefer to share many other things than "dualling cancer treatments"... but you are the kind of guy that makes lemon-aid out of lemons!

I get my cath out on Monday and hope to have my complete post-op path report. Looking forward to hearing some good news in both your situations over the next couple months.

Have a great Thanksgiving,

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Hi Sonny and am sorry you both have to go through this but it seems you both are strong people and I am sure you will both fight this with all you possess. It still amazes me that even though we are all fighting our own demons here we can and do find the time to support and help others. it just goes to show you that all the crap on the news about only bad things dont actually represent the average man..

Prayers for you both and please keep us posted...


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Mike, Tim and Nick,

Thank you for your continued words of support. We come here mostly seeking answers about PCa and find what we need even more. We find individuals that can more readily identify with what we are going through. We find that we become so close with folks that we would never have crossed paths with in life. We have the ability to share the most intimate of details with them, and I am convinced it is not because of the faceless contact with the internet.

I have met in person a few of the folks I have met online through the PCa forums. And the contact, the concern and the compassion is real. The hug instead of a handshake is real, as are the tears of the conversation.

It is true that I have a bit of battle in front of me. And if given the choice I would obviously choose not to have PCa. But I can tell you that I am a better man, better husband, better father and better person because of my dealings with cancer. It started 4 years ago with my wife's cancer and mine just further cemented my growth as a better person.

So thank you for your unwavering and continued support and prayers. Lynn and I are truly blessed and appreciative.

Blessings to you and your families,

Sonny and Lynn

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