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diagnosis queston

mpchavez5 Member Posts: 2
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I am wondering if anyone has heard of or had a misdiagnosis for colon cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed about 2 months ago and now another doctor is saying it is ovarian cancer. Does anyone have feed back on that. Thank you very much.


  • John23
    John23 Member Posts: 2,122
    second and third opinions

    This is exactly why everyone should -always- get "second" and
    third opinions.

    In a case like this, where the two opinions differ so much, a
    third opinion should be mandatory (and a fourth, if necessary).

    A colonoscopy should have identified the location, but there's
    always the possibility that it the cancer is in two places.

    Get another opinion; see a gynecologist, and a gastrointestinal specialist.
  • dianetavegia
    dianetavegia Member Posts: 1,942
    Colon cancer mets to ovary
    We have several members who had colon cancer spread to their ovaries. Could that be what the doctor means? Colon cancer in the lung is still colon cancer, etc.

    Sorry to hear about Grandma.

  • sfmarie
    sfmarie Member Posts: 602
    My sister was dx in 03/09 with stage IV colon cancer. Two specialists thought it could be ovarian in nature due to her elevated CA 125 and the fact it spread to her ovaries. She has had her tissue re-tested three times and it came back positive for colon. I suggest getting her tissue re-tested. It is important as it could change the course of therapy.