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newbe trying to function alone

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I am trying desperately to get around this site and can't open anything. I try to post but don't think I am doing it right. Is there a certian thing to hit to get posted I may have missed. I am also dxed with lung cancer but have not been told anything about stage. Is there a blood test for lung cancer to keep up with. I have had 2 pets and several scans but all the reports are diffrent. How can this be? I was told I had master sized when it was fecal matter backed up to my colon? Is this normal? To have a report so wrong? Please any advice will be so appreciated and any communication also. I am all alone. Children far away and don't seem to care anyway.I feel so lost and alone I can't even explain it. Thank you and God bless each of you,

hopeful and opt...
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All of us here are brothers and sisters to these various cancer diseases, many of us belong to local support groups where is is community. ...Additionally you may wish to attend a religious service where there is an uplifting sermon.....I find it a good idea to as they say here, "celebrate life", volunteer, play a musical instrument, blow bubbles.


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Hello Kathryn,

I do hope you have better luck opening a thread. This senior section is new so there are not that many visiting this section. I do not know much about your cancer, but you should get more responses in the cancer specific section. e.g. lung cancer.

As to posting, I do hope you are logged in. A while back, we used to stay logged in. Now, when you leave the site and return, you have to log back in.


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Hi Ira and everyone,

This is my first post here on CSN. I have multiple myeoloma.

Ira, I singled out your post because you said "...we are all brothers and sisters to these..." It brought a tear to my eye because I never had a sister and then I thought, oh my God, is this what it takes to acquire "sisters" in this lifetime? How ironic.

Anyway, I am from San Francisco East Bay area. Are there any East Bay'ers here?



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Ira is correct here we are all family, brothers and sisters and we are all in the same boat that is what makes us stick so close together.

All the best to you and Welcome to CSN, God bless and be with you.

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I am also new to this, so have an idea what you mean. Are you able to go places such as a senior center or church? I found that if I stay busy and see people it really helps. A friend and I started making crocheted blankets and hats for chemo patients at our local hospital. We love to crochet and we can gossip, complain to each other about what ever and keep our minds off our cancer for awhile. We also found that going to the local senior center was so much fun and on our good days we could play cards, or do an activity that we enjoyed. I hope that finding this disscussion forum will also help. You may make new friends and you can discuss anything you like. I found that people talk about their families and pets and illnesses and just about anything from soup to nuts. If you go to the cancer specific area of discussion boards find the cancer you have or the one closest to what you have and then just open one up like I did at random and you can read all kinds of things that really help. You can also ask just about anything and someone will answer you. I love that there is a discussion for seniors and look forward to learning more about this cancer, but also meeting people here. I wish I could help answer your questions about your specific problems, but I will include you in my prayers and wish you all the luck in the world that you get the answers you need.

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Kathryn, like the others, I hope that you learn to find your way around in this 'joint'. It is really rather easy once you get the hang of it.

As you must have discovered already from the responses of others above, while this is a crummy club to be a part of due to the 'requirements', the members are among the kindest, gentlest, and most helpful I have ever known. I wish you great luck in finding the answers you seek.

In the meantime, I may be able to answer one or two, myself. I am both a Head/Neck Cancer and Lung Cancer survivor. As far as I know, there is no blood test for 'proving' the existence of lung cancer. As far as I know, the only way to absolutely confirm lung cancer is via a biopsy. Even CT and PET scans can be faulty in this regard and I am speaking with first hand knowledge when I make that statement.

The scans show changes in the lungs that predict cancer or alert doctors to its possibility, but, truly, the only way to be sure that I am aware of is via biopsy. I am not sufficiently expert to explain why your 'reports' show different results except to surmise that perhaps it is indeed cancer and that it is growing. But that is only a supposition on my part. Your doctors should be telling you what you need to know in that regard.

My advice would be to have a friend go with you to your appointments, and that this person take notes, along with a list of questions you may have, and that you update this following each appointment. If you do not have a friend available to go with you, seek out a local cancer-related group that offers transportation and a 'friend' to go with you. In any event, write down all of your questions, get them all answered to your satisfaction, and then write down any new questions between appointments. This is the BEST way to keep track of what is going on, whether you are seven or 70: it is not age-related. Under stress of this sort, we ALL tend to forget.

Best wishes and good luck getting around in here.

Take care,


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Hi, I am new to this site and trying to find my way around today too as I just joined. I am a senior 67 years old and a female who has been being checked for cancer for over 4 years regularly as my blood counts have been off that long they say?

This last October 22nd I had a cat scan done and they found bladder cancer. The cancer Doctor said he redid that test 2 years after the first one because I had a swollen tube to my kidney the first time and it looked different then the other one. They fopund a a growth in the bladder. It was called a transitional Carcinoma not sure I spelled that right. I have had two surgerys to biopsy it find it was cancer, and then a second surgery to check out the tube and the kidney at a hospital with better equipment since our local one couldn't get all the way up my tube they said it was so long. I just had a renal scan too to make sure the kidney on the left is working OK.

Right now I am waiting to see my first surgeon this coming week, then the next week my cancer Doctor to hear what treatment if any I get now. They say the first surgery got all the cancer or removed it. Now to see if they still plan chemo and all like they told me they might before the surgerys.

My daughter sent me a invitation to this site and she is a breast cancer survivor. Hello and hope I didn't put this in the wrong place here.

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You are in one of many post that your story can fit in, all the best to you and welcome to CSN.

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Hi, I am new to this board too and just finished treatment for bladder cancer surgery and BCG treatments. I found that we are all brothers and sisters too now and found out even more since I did a Relay for Life that i just finished and attended two cancer survivor dinners one by the American Cancer Society and one by the Doctors at the Cancer Clinis where I go about a hour away form home. I never found a friendlier group in my life and we all talked visted and had a good time at the dinners with people we didn't know but somehow cancer makes us sister and brothers and all friend. Good luck with tests and whatever you need done. I am so glad to see a senior board here this is new and I love it.

The others are right when they say stay busy. I have joined TOPS to lose weight and the Hospital Aux. to volunteer as well as a luncheon with all volunteers once a month. I joined curves to get me more active and a walking group on wednesday mornings with some TOPS friends and may add more days to that. I found getting out making friends and staying active along with emails form friends and family and laughing as much as we can and there are always funny things to laugh at cancer or not. I started church again after having gotten away from it for the last two yars and thanks to all of this I am surviving and thriving.I have been told that bladder cancer like mine has a 30 to 60 percent chance of coming back but if we keep on top of it with my three, six and twelve month checks from now on I can probably do exactly like this time surgery to remove the tumors and BCG to kill off any leftover cells. That wasn't that bad at all so I have high hopes. Also have 3 grown kids, 11 grandkids and 2 almost 3 great grandkids to enjoy. Keep busy if you can, make friends and talk to people, volunteer or work on something you have wanted to do for yourself it all helps. Glad to meet you all of you.


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I am a "newbie" myself to this site.... You posted in Nov. 2009....give us an update. I have a rare Bone marrow disease called Myelofibrosis. My husband of 33 years, died unexpectedly in April, 2009 so I know about feeling lost and alone and facing a terminal illness.

Will be happy to be a "sounding board" for you....


Edward W
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Dear Kathryn,
Your post got through and I want to give you what I sincerly helps you. First of all you must not be afraid to question your doctor. it's your body and you have the right to know what's going on with it.
Then you look in your hometown paper for support groups. You can ALSO find support groups in the facilities that administer Chemo and Radiation therapy.
Contact your local Red Cross and hospitals for nurses or people that can come to your home and care for you

Edward W
Posts: 30
Joined: Oct 2010

Dear Kathryn,
Your post got through and I want to give you what I sincerly hope helps you. First of all you must not be afraid to question your doctor. it's your body and you have the right to know what's going on with it.
Then you look in your hometown paper for support groups. You can ALSO find support groups in the facilities that administer Chemo and Radiation therapy.
Contact your local Red Cross and hospitals for nurses or people that can come to your home and care for you

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Hi, I want to encourage you to seek a church close by and get to know them. Our church has been a wonderful comfort and knowing that Jesus is always with you - you are never alone is a great comfort. Don't give up - you are taking on the fight of your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting this wicked disease. God bless you and good luck.


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You are NEVER alone on this site. People here understand and care, we have all been there. All the best.

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To give you all hope look up my history.  Dxed clon cancer when 77.  Bumpy first year,but became NED.  Soon to be 88 and still NED.  I"m living proof that cancer can be beat. Good luck to you all!!!


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I am new to this site.  I had breast cancer and am now in remission!  Yea!! But I am still struggling as a single senior.  Now that my cancer is gone, people around me are acting like everything is back to normal, but not for me.  I am still feeling the depression and loneliness.  Cancer has changed me in many ways that are good, but some not so good.  I never had a partner to go thru the journey with me.  My daughter was wonderful at taking care of me, but it isn't the same as having a loving,committing partner by your side.  Someone who you can really tell how you feel inside.  I recently decided to get back in the dating game, and I have had serious concerns because the man I was dating when I had cancer, ran away as fast as he could. And those concerns are true.  I have had lots of men interested, but once they know about my cancer, and how I look with very short hair, they ghost me. It has really lowered my self-esteem to the point that I feel I will be alone for the rest of my life.  Anyone else felt like this?

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I had stage 4 throat cancer and underwent treatment at the University of Chicago. Great place. I live in northwest Indiana and they were tearing the tollway up at the time I had to drive or be driven up there. Been cancer free for a little over a year and figure I have 3 or 4 years left and i'm trying to enjoy myself with the time I have left. Chemo made me very depressed and I felt like I was living in Hell. A month or 2 after I was done with chemo and 45 rounds of radiation I felt reborn again. Hang in there and you will make it, there's light at the end of the tunnel.


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talk about you are right there.

this site SUX

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