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How much pain? Getting port removed

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Nana b
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I'm getting my port out on Tuesday, at the place I get my ultrasounds done. How much pain will I feel? They left me a message that I will be sedated so get a driver. How will I feel the day after???? I just have to know what to expect. I called the place back and asked to speak to a nurse and she was not available.

Please let me know your experience when getting your port out.


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Totally painless, and you'll feel absolutely fine the next day.

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George had to have his port removed because of failure and a new one put in on the opposie side. No problems where old port removed. Couple stitches, bandage. Hopefully, you will be fine. Good luck - Tina

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I had my taken out and was back to work the next day. They gave me Vicoden and I did not even need them, I took some Aleve instead. Congrats on getting the port out, what a good feeling!

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I was not sedated. I had mine out in the doctor's office. I had quite a bit of scar tissue, I guess. It was NOT a fun procedure. Cut, tug, yank, cut, yank, etc. I bled a lot and they had to redo my bandages right away.

Pain? Well, I didn't take anything for my cc surgery nor my gall bladder surgery and had all my kids natural childbirth. I handle pain really well. However, I had my port out on Sept. 2nd and still have some nerve type pain in that area, especially if I've slept on the side or used that arm for heavy work.

It was NOT pleasant and not a piece of cake for me.

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Nana b
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Okay, okay... I will be a big girl!!!!


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I'd go for any drugs they'd give me LOL


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The being sedated part sounds great! I wish I had been sedated. Mine had been in about 4 years, was tough to get out and shots to numb the area hurt. Sounds like your going to be better sedated, that's good. Not too bad after it was done, healed up quick, much easier that after being put in. So glad to have it out. Best luck, I bet it goes good for you.

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I want one - a piece of cake that is! mine came out the same way it went in - with me asleep! I read here many people had a local, and I was scared to get it out, but my guys actually knocked my bootie out. It was less painful than when it went in. BUT, I gotta say that even now, 3 months later i can still feel it...?

- just wanna add that when I had the colonoscopy in september, they said mildly sedated - Nick was awake for it (mildly sedated) and I went to sleep until the very end, and I also only take the child's dose of nyquil....doesn't take much to knock me out!

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Hi Nana, I had my first port removed in the doctor's office using a local. I was done in about 25 minutes, no pain, went really smooth. Looks like you are doing the out patient thing so it should be absolutely painless. You will be fine. God Bless you, Randy

tiny one
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My surgeon took my port out in his office. I just had a local. The worst part was getting the shot to numb the area. I could tell he was tugging to remove it but no pain. Later after the numbness wore off it was sore, but pain meds helped. I felt like I had been brave for just having a local. If you can be sedated it will be a piece of cake.

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I actually was looking forward to it, I think I thought of it as the ending of a very long and hard road, so I was excited to get mine out. No pain, hardly even remember being at the hospital, it was in and out, real quick like. You will be fine and just enjoy the drugs you get to sleep, think of it as nap time..

Good Luck but you wont need any


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I had mine taken out in the hospital with a local anesthetic. Other than the injection, I only felt some tugging when he pulled it out. No pain at all. Afterwads was fine. You should do fine and it will be such a relief to get rid of it. Good Luck

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