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Joined: Sep 2009

Had Chemo first round Tuesday and yesterday got hiccups. They come and go randomly.

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Joined: Aug 2009

My husband had the same reaction at the beginning of his treatment, but it all subsided within a short period of time.PK

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Joined: Apr 2009

Had them after every round of chemo

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Don't remember hiccups being a problem but the chemo sure gave me a ringing in my ears. I became very sensitive to higher pitched sounds, the TV seemed really loud to me when nobody else in the room could hear it. (vacume cleaner really brutal)Still have the ear ringing although not as bad 4 weeks out.


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My husband had hiccups that were really painful, probably because he had just had his peg tube placed a few days before chemo started. He was prescribed Baclofan, and it was really effective. He didn't take it very long, but it was so helpful while he had the hiccup pain.

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I had hiccups, too. It was annoying enough that I told the doc about it, and she prescribed Lorazepam. That knocked them right out, and they didn't come back. I didn't have to keep taking the Lorazepam, either.

--Jim in Delaware

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I had uncontrolled hiccups after the the first chemo. I told a nurse the problem. The nurse showed me an article about terminal ill patient with hiccups. I read the article and was scared. The hiccup stopped by itself and never came back.

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