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Al's appt

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Well Al had his EGD and a mild dilation. The Dr. just wanted to do it before it might start to give him trouble. They removed the drain! He is now free of all staples and drains and feeding tubes. He is still a little sore from everything. He will be resting
for the next day or so but thats it. He will be allowed to do everything that he was doing before surgery, except watch his diet more, but that shouldn't be a problem.

We follow up in 2 weeks and hopefully get this game plan for the rest of his treatments.

Betty this will be the best THANKSGIVING EVER!!! I can't wait to go shopping for dinner!!

I am praying for each and every one off you!!

Talk to you all soon!

God Bless.


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Betty in Vegas
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the best thanksgiving ever ever ever. Can't wait to make that turkey!

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I know exactly how you two feel it is great, BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL, the swallowing can sometimes be a problem, We too cant wait for thanksgiving but we have to chew very very well. i am so happy for both of you and you didn't think you would ever get there.

Looks like "LORI'S BIG GIRL PANTIES" worked for you both. Now you are survivors of EC, and now you can give advice instead of receiving it unless you wonder about other things.

Take care

Lori aka MOE

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wow--great news Kath---! sometimes I feel like I am holding my breath--reading everyone's news---I need not fear! Way to Go AL (& Layne!!!)!!!!

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