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anaplastic astrocytoma stage 3 ..... 5yrs +

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Anyone out there that falls into this group?

sue Siwek
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my husband has survived 10 years with this diagnosis and is cancer free at this time. yes we can!

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This is awesome news!! Husband diganosed in August 2009. Second time in life with brain cancer. First diagnosis 1986 (mixed germ cell tumor then). These tumors now are said to have been radiation induced, but they took 22 years to manifest. (His treatment for 1st tumor was in 1987). He's really doing well now. Back to work, and out playing golf as we speak today.

I truly believe treatments have come far and brain cancer CAN be cured!! My best to all!

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I was diagnosed with an Oligo-Astrocytoma (Grade III) in October 2002 (age 28). In subsequent years, I've undergone two (2) craniotomies (2002, 2008), one radiation sequence as well as intermittent treatment with Temodar. At first, I was told that the tumor was the size of a baseball and could not be fully resected. Since then, I've tried to remain positive and stay healthy through diet and exercise. The best part is that I've been able to retain a full-time job and get through more than seven (7) years of dealing with cancer. If you'd like to know more...check out my website at www.closertothecure.com or drop me a line here. Whatever the case, I wish you good health and great strides against a foe that is not unbeatable. Courage!

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my husband was just diagnosed in Oct. I am heartbroken and devastated. I am so glad I came across your post. It gives me hope. I have a saying, Dr's don't know everything and neither do we, But God does. God bless you and may you have many many more yrs to testify.

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Hi Pam,
I was exactly where you were about a year ago. All of this leaves you soo overwhelmed and scared. As weeks and months go on you will come out of the fog and realize how strong you both are. My husband Dan was diagnosed with a tumor on Dec 24th 2008. It was a grade 3 astrocytoma which was located between his occipital and pareital lobe. He had surgery on Jan 7th 2009, at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He had, radiation and chemo with a month off, then was on a clinical trial taking Temodar every day for 6 months at Sloane Kettering in New York. He then went on to Accutane for 2 1/ months. Now he is back on chemo. If I can help in any way let me know. We were fortunate to have met a great couple thru a friend who was going through treatments as well. The husband had so much information that was helpful. We feel we made informed choices about the next step in the treatment process because of his help. Don't listen to statistics!!! I am praying for you...

hattie 1
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Hoping to connect with others dealing with the same diagnosis.
This is a very new diagnosis for us -
- my husband is doing well after surgery and now, several weeks later - nearing a week and a half worth of radiation.
He begins taking Temodar tomorrow morning - just before going into his radiation treatment.
He is very up-beat - feeling hopeful and quite sure of beating this thing.
Music and laughter are two of our big therapies -
-staying active, yet remembering to rest -
...what a sideways, suprising twist in life, this is -
-he, a social fellow - me, a hermit :>)
An amazing 'change' of life has happened for us -
-are there others that would be into connection?

I would love to communicate with others with the same diagnosis -


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my mom was diagnosed with this in October 09. She is 63 years old. It was inoperable and showed signs of being GBM. Did Temodar and radiation without a problem(just take the pills for neausousness(sp) it is a life savor) she took them every 6 hours. It wasn't until after she went off did her problems start. She became neutropenic and was very sick. Radiation and temodar work much better when the tumor is able to be removed or partial removed. My mom's tumor is very large and they said treatment would be very difficult with such a large tumor.
I wish him luck tomorrow and stay positive.

I too would love to communicate with others.
My e-mail is j.giandonato@comcast.net please contact me if you have time. my name is Heather

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My husband is 44 with AA (3 tumors - inoperable, diagnosed in August 2009). He had 33 treatments of radiation and 44 consecutive treatments of lower dose Temodar. He just completed his 4th cycle of Temodar at 440mg. We have seen shrinkage to some degree with each bimonthly MRI. Our next is on April 22nd at Duke. He is tolerating the Temodar very well. Fatigue is his only symptom at this time. Feel free to contact me directly if you'd like. I will be happy to tell you about our journey. Hubby is very positive and returned to teaching full-time in January. He is amazing! God is good!

You can reach me at KMPonder@aol.com

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my father was diagnosed Jan. 19th 2010 with Anaplastic Astrocytoma grade 3 its inoperable its located at the upper left side of his brain @ 14 centimeters it cannot be removed b/c it would paralyze his left leg..this is very new to us and are still learning about this incurable disease..he recently finished temodar/radiation...followed up with an MRI to see if it was shrinking we learned the results on Tuesday that it has not...it is progressing it was very upsetting for him and my whole family...the oncologist assured us that he is going to get it with this next run of chemotherapy he will begin that tomorrow he will be taking it intravenously every other week one day of that particular week...we are trying to stay positive...I am reading on thru the post to read of what kind of time frame someone has with this when it is inoperable..the neuro surgeon tells me 2 years with treatment..I just want to believe and see if there is more time...we have a strong faith and positive thinking and know the good Lord will see him thru this..he is a healthy 73 year old who has alot to still live for to see his grandchildren grow up...
would appreciate feedback....jross

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