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bro-in-law w recurrent prostate cancer

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My 62 year old brother-in-law, Bill, was diagnosed w prostate cancer in 2007 (Gleason 8) treated w Da Vinci radical prostatectomy in May 2007 with clear margins. Undetectable PSA until April 2009. Has been rising since and now about 4. His urologist has recommended hormone therapy (Lupron and Casodex). His reading suggests that his prognosis beyond 2-3 years is not good. He is considering going to a cancer center in Nevada run by Dr. James Forsythe. I have been doing some reading and have great reservations about that.

Any suggestions of where to go or what to do are appreciated. I am a rectal cancer survivor and have found alot of help for me on the Colon Cancer board but am limited in what to tell him. I am a physician but have been open to alternative and complementary therapies but would hope to find one that is reliable.

Thank you, Dick

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Have the many forms of radiation as a solution been explored for your brother-in-law?
I also have a rising PSA after Davinci & opted on IMRT. Good luck.

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I don't think radiation has been offered as they only have a rising PSA but no sign of where the cancer is. He is in a different state but I am trying to find out more from him. Thank you for responding.

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Dick - I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and is also considering the Forsythe facility as one of his options. Can you tell me what your brother-in-law decided to do and how he's doing? Thanks so much! - Kevin

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