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Lung Cancer--eating issues

pamela jean
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Food tastes "sweet"...any advise of what can be done or used to help with tastes so my Mom will eat more than a bite because of the taste??? Any advise would be appreciated.

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You do not supply any detail about your mom's treatment, so I must assume that her 'sweet' issue is related to chemotherapy (?).

Many folks who are doing chemotherapy (and for a short time after) indicate that food tastes 'metallic' or 'coppery'. That is what I have heard over the years. But I have not heard 'sweet', which I have a feeling some people would prefer :).

Descriptions aside, while we await others on this board to come to your aid, those who know exactly what mom is talking about, I would suggest, first, that this too shall pass, if it is chemotherapy-related. Second, I would strongly urge, of course, that despite mom's dislike for the sweet-tasting food, she succumb to it, that she maintain her hydration, above all, and that she find things to eat that are acceptable to her.

Are mashed potatoes sweet, for example? Broccoli? Go to the bland end of things, in other words, and see if you can find something in that area that is acceptable. Try dishes without spices, without butter or oleo, without the typical zesty additives that make food more flavorful for you.

At the very least, get her drinking a protein drink of some merit, and drinking it many times a day, if she chooses not to eat. In fact, if eating is a continuing problem, talk to a nutritionist/dietician about the issue (there should be one available at the hospital that provided mom's primary care). They will surely have some solutions.

Again, I am hopeful that others will jump in with some better direction for you.

Best wishes to mom and her family.

Take care,


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one aspect of our battle was a daily trip to whatever store/restarant/deli/etc Barbaras cravings led us.one day id be driving around looking for jello at 11 pm and the next searching for brocolli potato soup.Get em whatever they want,keep the food going in,understand that thats what happens.i also found that at times the excuse to go get some odd food at odd hours gave me a much needed break from the house and all its activities,something wich can be hard to find.God bless,ch

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