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one more survivor....

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Betty in Vegas
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Layne's pathology came back as expected. The two nodes that were still carrying a few cells still showed that, not one of the other nodes taken had cancer. :) This means now we do the five year wait!

We are so blessed. And as to what Layne eat to GAIN wait through all this--everything. If he wanted something, we let him have it. We went off our moderated diets and he had steak and potatoes and milkshakes--whatever he wants.

As of this morning, he had lost 6 lbs, but that is still a net gain of nearly 20. Sigh. So we got an eating plan from the nutritionist that should facilitate weight loss.

Then he went to lunch, and she said "eat what you want, when you feel you can, you may need to do six smaller meals a day.

So we went for pasta, since we thought that would slide down easy with some alfredo sauce. I assumed he would eat about half a cup. He ate the WHOLE THING and the soup and that was about 2 hours ago. The nutritionist said some folks do this, and if he continues, he can come off the feeding tube quicker.

Soooo we are thrilled to be here, and not to be at the beginning. We'll pray through the wait each scan, and we will enjoy every day :)

Hugs to everyone. Has anyone heard from Mumphy?


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Hi Betty,

I am so,so happy for the the both of you!!! You are living proof of what HOPE can do.

Keep up the good work, and don't be a stranger!

God Bless,

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William is exacly right he may want the food now, but give it a day or two and he will know what it is like if he eats too much he will be sitting on the pot with a book, its best to eat little meals or snacks all day long than 3 big ones, remember we have done this. He will get the nauseas feeling if he its too much. Dairy products are still hard on him.

Remember he still needs his BIG BOY UNDERWEAR he will still need it. I hope things continue to do good for you.

Keep in touch


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