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I really need in put !!!1

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I'm a 30 year old female who has smoked at least two packs of cigg. a day for 15 years i went to the er on 5/09 and they found a 5mm spot on my lung i went in 7/09 and they did a ct with contrast and found 1 calcified and 3 non calcified all around 4-5mm i went back to the dr. on 10/09 and they did another x-ray and ct without contrast it showed one was at 17mm with two smaller ones attached to it and the others had no change on the first it said that there was signficant medistinal and bilateral hilar adenopathy. on the second it said calcified left hilar lymph nodes i was suppose to go to the specialest on monday and they called me last week and said the dr retired and it would be in feb. 2010 before i get seen do you think it could be cancer and how or what should i do next? any help will do. thanks

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I am by no means a Doctor, but this does not sound like any cancer I have read sbout. I am a survivor and read up quite a bit.

So first and formost, Stop take a deep breath and relax, I know easy to say,but what you have written doesnt sound like any cancer I have heard of.
My advice, get the follow up as soon as possible, get on your Doc or the insurance to find you another Specialist. Tho it maynot be cancer, it needs to be address.
If you read my bio, I have numerous health issues and I am on Hospice. I have learned that there are numerous lung problems that can happen. So for peace of mind and your health push your Doc to find you another Specialist.
I am 49yrs old have 3 kids and 5 grandchildren, so I do realize the stress you are under, but first you need to take a deep breath and go one thing at a time. Even if it turned out to be cacner, the fact that they found it this early is a good sign. The treatment of cancer has advanced and there are many who are long time survivors.
BUT first take a breath and try not to stress yourself out, as I said I am no Doc but it does not sound like any cancer I have read about, but one day at a time. Get a follow up by the Specialist, I am guessing a pulminologist. Then they will have a better chance of diagnosising it,, many of us self diagnosis and that can be both stressful and we are usually incorrect.
Our Prayers and Best to You and Your Family,
Dan and Margi Harmon

P.S. Keep us updated on what is going on, you have come to the right site for help and understanding...

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I would advise concern for any node that has grown to more than triple its original size in no more than three months time.

This does not mean that it is cancer, of course, and does not mean that it malignant, but it IS growing apparently, and that would concern me.

In the meantime, you ask what you can do and I would advise that you quit smoking first and foremost. IF it should happen that you do have cancer, your ability to breathe may very well play some critical part in what treatment they decide is best for you. If, in fact, it is determined at some point that you do have cancer, among the first tests you will get are ones to determine how well you breathe. Quit smoking now, start exercising, if you do not already do so, and not only better prepare yourself in the event you DO have cancer, but also better assist yourself in avoiding cancer in the future if you do NOT have cancer now.

February 2010 seems a long way down the road right now, but it is really right around the corner, worriedmomandwife, and you will probably, regardless of outcome, be glad that you were able to get through this holiday season without all of that in the way, all of which is a way of saying that the problem, if there is one, is not going away any time soon while at the same time alerting you that nearly all of us have had to suffer these waiting jags while dealing with cancer and its possibility.

While cobra's advice to seek another opinion sooner sounds great on the surface and is endorsed by many, it is only reasonable if this second opinion can occur much earlier than the one you will get in February.

Typically, if you get an appointment with another specialist, it will be for some weeks away, at the very least, and by the time they have done their surveys and additional tests, it may very well BE February or close to it. If you can find someone who can work you in on a faster schedule, and if you feel that uncomfortable with waiting, then by all means go for it. But do think about that timing issue as well as your trust with the current doctor.

Best wishes for a successful outcome!

Take care,


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Mary, if your mouse has a wheel, you can hold down the Ctrl key while rolling the mouse wheel forward - that will enlarge the print for you. Or hold down Ctrl and hit the + key, hit the - key to make print smaller...I remember reading somewhere that Windows wouldn't get a large print fix until Bill Gates' vision began to go, so I guess it has :)

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Wow, Thanks Stayingcalm! Funny how the simplest things can make your day!

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I am selectively quoting the facts as you provided per your condition:
"30 year old...
...smoked at least two packs ...a day for 15 years...
5/09 ...found a 5mm spot on my lung...
7/09 ...ct with contrast ...1 calcified and 3 non calcified all around 4-5mm...
10/09 ...another x-ray and ct without contrast ...17mm with two smaller ones attached to it and the others had no change ...the first ...said ...signficant medistinal and bilateral hilar adenopathy. on the second it said calcified left hilar lymph nodes..."
Without seeing the scans and reports or you, my thoughts are as follows:
First, bulky calcified hilar & mediastinal lymph nodes probably represent inflamatory/infectious in origin.... this does NOT mean you are contagious/etc... These findings are not uncommon in certain regions of the USA and/or travel abroad or ethnic/racial groups.

It is reasonable for you to be evaluated by a General Thoracic Surgeon (the urgency would depend on the characteristics of the "spots" on IV contrast fine cut CT). February is not particularly bad, though if your scans are concerning for malignancy, you should be seen in 4-6 weeks from the date of your scan. If the findings are more consistent with an inflamatory process, awaiting February is not unreasonable.

As for biopsing lumps, you should have identifiable lumps biopsied. Lumps refer to things you can feel with your hand. Spots on the lung are a different story. You generally do NOT biopsy every spot/lesion in your lung. It sounds like you have ~4 spots in your lung with hilar and mediastinal lymphnodes on your CT? That is at least how I understood your post. Depending on quality of mediastinal and/or hilar nodes, these can potentially be biopsied by your General Thoracic surgeon or pulmonologist through minimally invasive approachs with bronchoscopy or mediastinoscopy. Depending on your general health and lung function in addition to the location of spots on your lung, these may potentially be biopsied with minimally invasive techniques either Flouro guided bronchoscopy, EM navigation bronchoscopy or chest operation like VATS.

As was noted by others, I encourage you to take a deep breath. Then, you should sit down with whoever is your primary care physician that is currently ordering your studies. Ask him/her to completely review the results with you and explain what is the current thought process of diagnosis they are considering. Unfortunately, we can not 100% rule out cancer without complete resection/removal.... But, numerous lung spots have a fairly classic/characteristic appearance that is most consistent with a benign process and observation and non-operative management is appropriate. You should ask point blank is there serious concern of malignancy/cancer or is less likely but can not rule out cancer?

Final point as mentioned... you need to stop smoking. For any operation lung or otherwise, smoking places you at risk. You need your lungs to last another 70+ years. You may not have cancer, but it appears at your young age your lungs are not normal.


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i wanted to say thanks to everyone that replyed every little bit helps i did quit smoking the night i found out on 5/24/2009 and will not go back.

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