Good TSH & TG levels after RAI?

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I had a TT on 9/25 and RAI last Wednesday, with a followup of TSH & TG levels measured on Friday (which came back at 5.66 & 2.0 respectively). This was done with Thyrogen on Mon/Tues while on the low iodine diet.

My endo is out until Wed and I don't know who to turn to about the results. I have no idea if they are good/bad/expected and it's got me stressed out.

I've seen much higher TSH levels from people on this board after Thyrogen and I'm now at a loss. I've been really diligent about the diet, to the point where I thought I was only getting maybe 20-30mcg/day rather than the 50 you are allowed.

Anyone have any ideas/insight? I have a WBS on Wednesday, but I have to attend a conference that I'm expected to participate in and being stressed isn't really going to help...