Blood in urine v2

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I'm 3 weeks post surgery. This morning I had the reddest, clumpiest urine I've had since surgery by far. It's a setback because I was doing extremely well in that dept (clear or the usual green urine for the past 5 days). I was shocked at how red it was this far past surgery. The only things I can think of that might have caused it were: sat on a hard chair for 3 hours yesterday and did some pump practice. I'm inclinde to believe it's the chair since that was in the evening. Anyone else seen anything like this? Should I be worried?


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    Blood in urine v2
    Hello friend. I would not be too worried unless it continues for several days. As you said, it's probably due to the length of time you sat in one place. I too am 3 weeks post op from having the radioactive seeds implanted. I have not experienced any blood since immediately post op surgery and that was due to the catheter. My prostate is swollen now and it feels as if I am sitting on a golf ball inside my rectum all the time. I just sit sideways most of the time. I don't know what procedure you had but I am confident that your symptoms will improve soon. If they do not then you really should consult your doctor. I wish you the best.