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ellagic acid

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I met a lady today that claimed to be a stage 4 ovarian cancer patient. She had some excellent scars so I'm gonna take her at her word. She claimed to have had mets to stomach, kidney, abdominal cavity. She says she has turned down all forms of chemo and radiation, she's had surgery only to primary site and stomach. She says she is stable and has been so for three years by only taking ellagic acid supplements. I did some quick research. There may be something to it. Check it out and tell me what you think.


  • steven12
    steven12 Member Posts: 51
    Did you ask how much is she taking?
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  • neon356
    neon356 Member Posts: 137
    Most of what I've read about
    Most of what I've read about it is that it does show to have anticancer properties as a preventative agent, but there's not much evidence to indicate ellagic acid inhibits or rids the body of cancer once you have it. But I guess there's no harm in taking it once you have cancer, it doesn't seem to show any harmful side effects, nor does it seem to interfere with the standard drugs used to treat cancer.
  • PGLGreg
    PGLGreg Member Posts: 731
    I see that the Wikipedia
    I see that the Wikipedia entry for ellagic acid reports "Ellagic acid has been identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a "Fake Cancer Cure Consumers Should Avoid".[8]" It also reports that some small scale experiments have found some health benefits from it.

    I don't see how an individual patient's report could be taken as evidence for or against any benefit. It takes study of populations to investigate such things.